One of the easiest ways to make an on-going income online is to create and sell information products - books, courses, and memberships sites...

Create and Sell Books and Courses FAST with a Mentor

Angela Booth
Angela Booth

I make a great income selling
information products. It's the perfect home based business.

YOU can do this too. If you're not a writer, you can hire someone to write your ebook or other information product for you.

Just about
anyone who wants to do so can make an income creating information products. When you're selling information products there are no age or educational requirements, and your earnings potential is enormous. Six figure incomes are common, because you don't have to sell many ebooks or courses to reach this income range.

I've been selling ebooks successfully online for eleven years. Over that time, I've learned what works, and what doesn't, and I make a great income, doing what I love, and taking time off whenever I choose.

How much income can you make from ONE ebook?

Let's say that you've created ebook of 50 to 80 pages. (This is a good length for an ebook. Reading on a computer screen is uncomfortable. Say what you've got to say in a minimum of words and your readers will thank you.)

Your ebook took 60 hours to write. If you were being paid at a rate of $60 an hour, you'd make $3600 in 60 hours. At $30 each, you'll need to sell 120 copies of your ebook to pay yourself for the time you spent writing the ebook.

Almost any ebook you write will easily sell 120 copies. Most will sell many more copies - around several thousand copies if you promote your ebooks.

So if you've sold
3,000 copies at $37, that's $111,000. Over that time, you may have spent $10,000 or so in promotions, and you'll have spent time promoting the ebook too. Nevertheless, you can see that there's a lot of money to be made writing and selling your own ebook.

Stop procrastinating, start doing and achieving

I've been teaching people how to create information products for years via my guides, which include: "
Info Product Maestro: Make $500 a Day with Your Information Products".

However, although they have all the information, many buyers don't use it. Why? Because life gets in the way. They tell themselves they'll do it "later", and of course, the day they put the information to work never comes.

If this sounds as though it might be you, there's a solution.

Claim your mentorship today, and sell within three months

My writing students have asked me to create mentoring programs, which offer personal instruction, tailored to their needs, and which are reasonably short - they want step by step how-tos, and the chance to ask questions. Most of all, they want someone to motivate them.

So my first mentoring program is
"Create and Sell Books and Courses FAST with a Mentor".

Here are the details:

In this mentoring program, you'll learn how to:

* Choose a topic for your book, ebook, ecourse or membership site;

* Make a business and marketing plan;

* Create your ebook or info product under my guidance;

* Sell it - step by step videos to help you to create a small Web site, and start selling your ebook or other product;

* Promotions plan - we’ll work out a plan to help you to promote your new product, so that you make all the sales you want to make.

What students have said about the mentoring program

"When I retired, I wanted to write a book about my experiences to help others. Thinking about my project was as far as I got. Now I'm giving lectures at which I sell my book - thank you Angela, I couldn't have done it without you." Russ G. Texas.

"This is the best money I ever spent. I've got my investment in the program back, and I'm $2000 ahead after just a couple of weeks. I'm still waiting for the developer to finish my site. I've made 65 sales, without so much as a Web site. You're a genius, Angela. Thanks for your ideas, your humor and your inspiration. I couldn't have done it without you. You said this ebook would change my life. It has." Theresa L. UK

About the mentoring program

Duration: Three months (you can take longer if you wish - let me know how much time you have available, and we’ll tailor the program to you.)

Start Dates: Open

Cost: $2,999

Mentoring method: Weekly email, chat, phone, and Skype

Mentoring slots are strictly LIMITED, on a first-come, first-served basis. When slots are full, I'll mark the mentoring CLOSED for a period, and will remove the payment button until slots are once again available.

Take action now. At the end of three months, you'll have an ebook or course. Best of all, you will know how it's done - and you'll be able to repeat the process. Imagine creating several ebooks a year, and selling them. Can you see where this would be an income-generating business year after year? You only need to create an information product once, and it will keep on earning for you.

PROGRAM FULLY BOOKED -- get in touch.

How your mentorship program works

Within one business day of payment, I'll send you your ebook, and a questionnaire to fill in about your interests and online experience. We'll have a chat on the phone or on Skype, and I'll learn a little more about you, and what you want to achieve.

Then I'll map out a program for you, with personalized audio and video, tailored to YOUR specific needs, so you can create and sell your first info product FAST.

I'll provide all the materials and instruction you need, based on your current experience and skills.

You'll have 24 hour email access to me, and will receive a weekly one-hour Skype mentoring session.

I look forward to helping you to create your first information product.

Questions? Please
get in touch - either I or my assistant Julia will be respond within one business day; often within minutes of your email message.

I look forward to having fun with you as we work together to make your dreams a reality.