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Angela Booth's Online Writing Classes and Programs

Want to build your writing career, or start a writing business?

Angela Booth offers online writing programs, writing classes, coaching and writing mentorships in: Web content creation, copywriting, blogging, self-publishing, and fiction. She also offers writing tips and news on her blogs for writers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of writing for money in the 21st century...

What do YOU want to achieve as a writer? Success is closer than you imagine. Whether you want to become a fiction author, or write nonfiction, you can do it. 

The Internet has changed professional writing and publishing forever. Even completely new writers can make a living selling their writing.

For experienced writers, the publishing world is wide open. You're  no longer at the beck and call of capricious editors. You can take your career into your own hands, by self-publishing, establishing  entrepreneurial enterprises like blogs, and ecommerce stores

You may know me from my websites and blogs. If we haven't met: hello! Let's explore your writing goals together.

My writing blogs include...

Check out the free content on Writing Genii

You'll find a Free Content Library for writers on my Writing Genii website; join the mailing list to receive additional free programs as they're released.

New writing programs and classes

Team Up Coaching

Team Up is your chance to get professional writing coaching and accomplish your goals, so that you can get the writing jobs you want. You'll get the training to sell your writing, whether it's blogs, websites, or ebooks. Let's start building your writing income today.

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