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Your book's blurb

A good blurb often leads to a sale. A confusing blurb on the other hand, won’t.

Next to your cover, your blurb is your most important sales tool.

Your blurb will be written by a veteran copywriter, and author.

 Your blurbs: book descriptions and back cover copy done for you

Once you've attracted a potential buyer with your book's cover and title, your buyer skims your blurb — your book's description.

With an ebook, your blurb is the Amazon copy which appears on your book's product page, and for a print book, it's your back cover copy.

On Amazon, the first few lines of your blurb are vital — you must grab your buyer's attention with those lines. When the buyer clicks the "read more" link, you're 50% sure of a sale.

Your blurb does the heavy lifting in a purchase decision: many buyers will buy on the strength of the blurb alone, if your book is relevant to what they want.

A fiction blurb must be as entertaining as your book: it's your buyer's assurance that your book delivers the entertainment he wants.

Your nonfiction blurb assures the buyer that the book contains precisely what he's looking for.

What you receive when you order blurb/ back cover copy

Firstly, we'll chat via phone, or Skype. I (Angela) will call you so that you can tell me about your book. There's no time limit on our chat. Usually we'll spend 20 to 30 minutes.

Then for your book (novel, or nonfiction) you receive...

* A research summary, of genres/ categories and 200 keywords for your book.

We provide the additional keywords to give you a head start when promoting your book.

I'll use the three primary keywords of the 200 keywords when I'm creating your ebook's blurb. The keywords help readers to discover your book via Amazon's and others' search engines. Additionally, the keywords help Amazon's algorithm to do its job, and assign additional categories to your book.

* An ebook blurb (book description), as well as copy which you can use on the print and audio version: 200 to 300 words for each. The two blurbs I create for you will be similar.

Formats: text and HTML.

* A single page press/ media kit, comprising your short bio (created from our phone chat), as well as a tagline (slogan,) and a short version of your blurb.

We provide your press kit in MS Word format, so you can use this content anywhere you choose -- on your website, in advertising and social media content, in press releases...

How you receive your blurb and other marketing materials

I'll set up a personal folder for you on Box (online storage), then you'll receive an emailed link to the folder. Only you and I have access to this folder: it's completely secure.

Timeline: when will you receive your blurb? You can download all your materials within five days of our chat.

Ready to order your blurb?

Let's get started.

On payment, we'll send you an informational PDF via email, which also contains some brief questions, then we'll have our chat via phone or Skype.

(We're in Australia, so please allow us a few hours to respond, if you're on the other side of the world...)

Questions? Not sure about something?

Please contact us with any questions.

Prefer to chat on the phone? Surely… contact us and we'll set set up a free, zero obligation, Skype call with Angela to discuss your book and blurb.