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Write A Series

Want to sell more fiction with every book you write?

You can, when you write in a series.

Your audience loves to binge on entertainment, whether it's a Netflix series, or a series of books.

Even if your first novel in the series is a slow seller, the pace of sales will pick up with each following novel.

Enrollments are now closed.

Enrollments are now closed.


Standalone novels sometimes do well, but series' novels always do better

A successful series (like the Harry Potter series, for example), is planned, rather than accidental.

Before I consistently planned my series, I'd write a short story, which grew into a novel, then into a series. Or I'd start a novel, and at around the midpoint, I'd get a burst of inspiration: "What if I turned this into a series?"

Sometimes this unplanned series-writing process worked. Mostly, it didn't. I'd hit a point in the series where I had nowhere else to go; without an over-arching series' plot, I was all out of inspiration and creative energy.

It's frustrating, especially if the series is selling well, because you know that the series would sell better, and sell more, with additional novels.


Plan and write: start your series with confidence

I've written many series, both for myself in several genres, as well as for my ghostwriting clients.

Until I decided that I'd plan a series, as a series, I always struck problems.

It's taken me several years (I'm a slow learner) to pick up some tricks and strategies which ensure that each new series will work for me.

These strategies include:

  • Planning the series with an over-arching plot for the entire series;

  • Ensuring that I like the main series' characters, and that I create basic conflicts which work;

  • Ending each novel on a cliffhanger;

  • And many more. (Including how to launch your series for hot sales on publication day.)

Would you like to plan a series with confidence that not only would the series sell, but that sales would increase rapidly? (The class includes a fast-launch strategy.)

Initially, I developed this series-writing plan for myself, because I realized that it was necessary. Then I began to teach it to my private coaching students. It works for them, so now it's tested, you can use the plan too.


A New CLASS — "Write A Series Of Novels: Tricks And Strategies To Win Readers"

In this class, we'll plan a series together, from research to finding a hot genre, to plotting your new series, and to preparing to launch.


Class details: four weeks, two hours a week

Each week you receive one or more PDF files. On some weeks, you’ll also receive a video or two, if you need to see a process to make the process easy.

Please complete the exercises in each lesson, and send them to us for feedback.

Your plan for your series will develop with each lesson, and you'll start writing too — we’ve got LOTS of tips and tricks to help you to create a successful series, AND to make it fun to write, too.


All reference materials, including a 40-page PDF ebook with Lesson One, are included. There’s nothing else for you to purchase.


This is a new format for us. If you have any questions about how the class works, or how much time you need each week to participate, or anything else, please ask.

Contact me here, or via social media.

Angela Booth