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Team Up Case Studies

Team Up is your chance to get professional writing coaching and accomplish your goals, so that you can get the writing jobs you want. You'll get the training to sell your writing, whether it's blogs, websites, or ebooks.

Got a goal? Excellent. If you know what you want to achieve, we'll help you to achieve it. If you haven't set a clearly defined goal for your writing, we'll do that first, before we start working together.

Team Up mini case studies: writers' goals, challenges and results

Team Up is our most popular coaching program. It proves that today, almost anyone can achieve a well-paid writing career. Professional writers who want to boost their income enroll, as do beginning writers, who want to make money and find a great writing niche. 

Let's look at students and results

A point we need to make first, because authors worry about confidentiality. Team Up is ALWAYS completely confidential. We never share anything about Team Up students. Any materials you send us are read, then deleted from our server.

The names in our case studies are not the authors' real names, and we haven't included anything to identify them. Each author has seen our mini case study, and is happy to share with you.

Desmond: "Please help me to quit my day job!"

After working at a high-pressure day job for 18 years, Desmond was on stress leave. He enjoyed writing as a pastime, and wanted to make his writing a full-time career.

Goals: Desmond's primary goal was to make enough money from part-time writing in 12 months to quit his day job, and become a full-time writer.

Challenges: Desmond's primary challenge was time. However, he allocated eight hours each weekend to devote to his writing.

He also found marketing his writing a challenge, and needed a fun and easy marketing program. 

Another challenge: getting organized. 

Results: Desmond became a full-time writer within four months of enrolling in Team Up.

Here's how. He mined the gold in his day job. He discovered that people were searching for information related to a specific industry. He had that information. He used it to develop a small online training program. 

Currently Desmond's creating additional training programs. He's also partnered with two companies who want to use his training materials in their own programs. He's happy, and stress-free.

He and his family are moving to a larger home, so that he'll have a dedicated home office. His wife has quit her part-time job, to act as Desmond's assistant.

Desmond's comment: "I feel as if I've been set free. The future's bright."

Carol: "Please help me to make real income from my books!"

Carol was a "successful author." She had eight books which had been published by major publishers. However, she'd never made more than $5,000 a year from her writing.

She said: "It's embarrassing when relatives and friends assume that I'm rich, just because I've got books in bookstores. I'm not. I want to get the rights back to my books, and publish them myself, as ebooks."

Goals: Carol's primary goal was to get the rights back to as many of her published books as possible. Then, she wanted to publish them herself as Kindle ebooks.

Challenges: Carol was nervous about self-publishing. She thought that it sounded complex. She soon discovered that it was easy -- all she needed was a clean MS Word file for each book, a cover image, and a simple marketing plan.

Results: Carol took to self-publishing with a vengeance. She published four of her books to Kindle within two months. AND she wrote two new ebooks as follow-ups.

Six months later, she's received the rights back to two more of her books. She's uploading them to Amazon now. She's developed a reader's list, and is having fun with marketing.

Income-wise, last month she made more money self-publishing than she made in a year when she was traditionally published.

Carol's comment: "I'm beyond thrilled. I love self-publishing, and having readers waiting for new ebooks. I've discovered an entirely new world."

Will Team Up change your writing life?

If you're not happy as a writer, and aren't achieving what you want to achieve, it's time to take action. Today, there are unlimited opportunities for writers.

Team Up can help you to navigate the wide world of professional writing, and help you to achieve your writing dreams.

We'll be sharing more Team Up mini case studies soon.

Questions? Thoughts? Contact us -- we're always happy to help in any way we can.