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Story Power: Write and Sell Short Fiction -- Short Stories, Serials, and Series

Can you write "snackable" fiction? Amazon's Kindle Unlimited has made short fiction profitable. 

Fiction Power: If You Love To Tell Stories, Isn't It Time You Took Advantage Of The Boom In Short Fiction? 

* Short stories are fast to write and publish;

* Short stories build readership for longer fiction;

* Short stories increase your writing income (relatively) painlessly. 

Hi Fellow Writer

Do you love stories? I do too. Reading's my favorite pastime; it's what I do when I'm not writing. 

Stories sell; they can live forever, and you can write them.

My professional writing career started with a publishing contract for a series of romance novels. However, I was writing short stories from my teens. Occasionally I even sold one, but I never expected that it would ever be possible to make a living from short stories. 

Today, you write a short story in an afternoon, and can publish and sell it the same day.

Short stories are selling again, and writers are paying attention

Even before Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited, clever authors were using short stories. Not so much as a profit center, but as a trial balloons.

Consider Fifty Shades of Grey. Its genesis was as episodic (serial) fan fiction. I'm not suggesting that E.L. James cold-bloodedly sent up a trial balloon by creating Twilight-esque fan fiction with the idea of turning her stories into bestselling novels.

I am suggesting that what happened with Fifty Shades is worth looking at. Fifty Shades developed a big fan base for E.L. James, even though early versions of the books were available free on the Web. Fifty Shades sold massively both in ebooks and in print, and continues to sell.

For me, that's the value of short stories: you can test ideas. If a story sells, it's worth developing the idea as a series of short stories and eventually into novel-length fiction… and building a readership while you do that.

In 2018, NOTHING is more important for authors than building readership. When Amazon lists 100,000 ebooks published in the past 30 days, that’s a lot of ebooks. Discoverability is essential. Short fiction helps your readers to find you.

Why should YOU write short stories?

Three reasons. They're fast to write, they can teach you a lot, and they pay. 

Kindle Unlimited is a boon for short fiction writers, because with KU, when a buyer reads a story, the author is paid a share of the KU "pot" for that month. Authors have challenges with KU, but no one denies that KU's given a real lift to short story writers.

Short stories sell: could you profit?

To get as much as you can out of Amazon and KU, consider how you might exploit this opportunity with short stories.

* New to fiction? Short fiction's useful for new fiction writers. They can learn how fiction works, and make money, without investing months and years. 

* Established in fiction? Short fiction is also useful for novelists: build your name, and increase overall sales, with frequent releases.

* Stories are POWERFUL. Everyone loves a story. In the marketing world, stories have always been powerful, and companies are becoming more aware of the fact.

You can learn how to write and SELL short stories in our Story Power class.

    Story Power: Write and Sell Short Fiction -- Short Stories, Serials, and Series

Story Power: Write and Sell Short Fiction -- Short Stories, Serials, and Series

Story Power: Write and Sell Short Fiction -- Short Stories, Serials, and Series

Insider secrets of writing short stories and making them work for you: writing serials, and series.

Here's what's included in our new program for fiction writers

Story Power: Write and Sell Short Fiction — a 4-week class
Write with me: over four weeks, you'll discover HOW to not only write short fiction, but also make money at it. I make a very nice income ghostwriting fiction for clients, and also selling my own short fiction under various genre pen names.

I started creating short story exercises and videos for my students, and discovered that it helped them to get over page fright.

Once they learned a simple step by step process, they began creating excellent stories. 

Not only are their stories entertaining, they make money.

Join us for fun tutorials, and a four week class -- you'll LOVE creating stories, even if you've never written fiction before.

You complete the program at your own pace; you download all the lessons immediately, so write as quickly or as slowly as suits your needs.


In addition to tutorials and exercises, you receive two reference texts...



Story Power Fiction Fiesta: Short Kindle Fiction For Fun and Profit
PDF, 89 pages
Fiction Fiesta was one of our bestselling programs, it's no longer available on its own. It's been updated for this workshop program, to cover Kindle Unlimited.

Fiction Fiesta answers your questions, and helps you to write your first stories. Students love this program; it's in the form of lessons, so it offers step by step guidance. 

We cover Kindle Unlimited, and the pros and cons of Kindle Select. 

It's one of the references for Story Power; it helps you to get more out of the tutorials and workshop.

Story Power Plot FAST, Publish FAST: Craft Bestselling Fiction In Any Genre
PDF, 31 pages
Another program which has been updated for Story Power. I created Plot Fast for my students who were intimidated by plot.

I promise you, once you've gone through Plot Fast, you'll LOVE plotting your short stories. Not only will you understand character and plot, you'll also write stories which are satisfying to readers.

It's your second reference text for Story Power. We'll discuss the concepts, and show you how they work in tutorials and videos.


Student feedback…

"Love it, Angela. Kudos again. Before Story Power, I didn't consider Kindle fiction, now I've written four stories, under three different pen names, AND I made 23 sales (to my nonfiction buyers... :-))." Rhonda P. USA

"Took your advice re my thriller... five stories based on the thriller are SELLING. Thank you, thank you." Alberto B. Italy

"Thanks Angela, and Julia. My first stories are written, and ready to upload. Fingers crossed for sales. Thanks for your guidance and tips." Ian M. UK

"Angela, I LOVED the class. Each chapter was simple, on point. The links throughout and the videos were very helpful. What was so meaningful for me was your encouraging feedback..." A.S., USA


Can you write Kindle short fiction which sells?

Yes you can. Even students who've never considered writing fiction in any form, have completed and published short stories with the Story Power process.

Whether you're using short fiction as a stepping stone to longer works, or want to stick with short stories and serials, there's a HUGE market on Amazon.

Remember too, that that market is global. Several of my students write in languages other than English, and their stories sell on their country’s Amazon site.

If you love stories, and wonder if you could write them, join us, and try... You'll have fun. :-)


Contact me, Angela Booth. Either I or Julia, my hard-working assistant will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Enjoy... :-)