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CLOSING... Short Fiction Domination

Want to write short fiction and build a successful career? For the first time in decades, it's possible to write short stories and make a great income.

IMPORTANT -- FINAL OFFERING: class closes on April 29; will not be offered again. Take advantage of the special offering.

Want to write short fiction and build a successful career? For the first time in decades, it's possible to write short stories and make a great income.

"End The Stresses Of Professional Writing: Write To Entertain Readers. 

"Write What You Want, Build Your Readership, AND Build A Great Writing Career Too, Step By Step."

* Develop a complete strategy: write short fiction, and watch your income increase month by month;

* Use the tactics that work TODAY: write engrossing fiction readers love, and build your Amazon catalogue;

* Build your readership: promote while you write. Use quick and easy marketing methods which help you to sell more books.

You want to make money writing fiction. You're watching successful Kindle authors enviously. You'd like to write hot-selling fiction too, without spending years developing your skills.

Hi Fellow Writer

With the release of Kindle Unlimited, fiction's taken off on Amazon, and even new fiction authors can make money. You can now build a great fiction writing career, without spending years writing and publishing full-length novels.

You may be wondering how you can make money if Kindle Unlimited subscribers read your fiction for free. The short answer is Amazon PAYS YOU for every page which readers read. Today, many authors who enroll their ebooks in KDP Select, which makes their ebooks available in Kindle Unlimited, are finding that they're making more money... from readers who read for "free". Currently, I'm earning three times in "pages read" than I am for sales. My students are reporting similar figures.

So, if fiction pays, you're wondering how to get started.

As you may know, I started my writing career as a romance novelist. Then I stopped writing fiction for many years. Amazon brought me back. Today, I look at the numbers for my pen names in various genres in delight. And amazement.

Write, publish, promote and SELL, easily

One of the benefits of coaching Kindle authors is that we can experiment together. Several months ago, I enrolled ALL my short fiction under my pen names into Kindle Select. It was brave. I had no idea whether or not it would work.

This meant that all my short stories and novellas were available only on Amazon, because Amazon demands an exclusive books enrolled in Kindle Select. Once your books are in Select, they're available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. 

Here's what I found: free works. The more borrows, the more sales.

(A warning: these are my current and historical results. Amazon can change its algorithm at any time. Your mileage may vary.)

My students are getting similar, and even better results, using the same strategies. And if my students can do it, you can too.

Readers are looking for short fiction: you can write it

Readers want entertainment. If you can write fiction in popular genres, you'll sell it.

A short fiction publishing strategy grows ebook sales, fast

Brave as my Kindle Unlimited experiment was initially, it's paid off. The same blueprint works for my Kindle publishing coaching students.

Read on to discover an easily replicable, step by step blueprint to writing, publishing and selling short fiction. You'll multiply your Kindle sales exponentially.

Kindle Short Fiction Domination: Today's Blueprint For Writing Success And Income


* If you’re tired of writing, writing and writing some more, skip trading hours for dollars, self-publishing is for you

Your ebooks sell forever. Each hour you spend writing, will pay off for years to come. Moreover, you don’t need to achieve bestsellerdom. You can make money by writing SHORT ebooks. As time goes on, your readership and sales will build.

* The ONE big secret you’ll learn, that few authors know

Savvy authors make thousands of dollars A DAY using this secret. You won’t make that much today, or even this year. However, you will make money — and your daily income will increase, month by month, even if you’re a new writer, when you discover short fiction.

* Kindle publishing is a goldmine, because Amazon knows how to sell, even if you don’t

Maybe you think you’re not a great writer. That’s OK. Neither am I. But I can tell stories. If you know that you can tell stories, that’s all you need to start digging in Amazon’s goldmine. You’ll soon discover how short fiction works.

* Readers read, all over the world: Amazon sells around the globe

So can you. If your first language isn’t English, chances are that Amazon sells in the countries which use your language. If your first language is English of course, consider translations, and audio books, to leverage each ebook you write. Writers have never had such opportunities before. You don’t need a publisher. Self-publishing is easy… If you can create an MS Word doc, you can self-publish.

* SHORT fiction sells. Can you write 500 words?

If you’re new to fiction — telling stories — you’ll be thrilled to know that writing fiction is EASIER (and way more fun) than writing nonfiction. And if you can write ten 500 word articles, you can write a short story of 5,000 or 10,000 words. Just look on it as a bunch of easy articles.

Here’s what’s included in your four-week class...

Kindle Short Fiction Domination: Today's Blueprint For Writing Success And Income is a complete short fiction writing class.

You receive all four lessons immediately, so you can write at your own pace. You'll discover the Kindle short fiction BLUEPRINT… What to publish, and when, so that your Amazon income steadily increases.

Each of the four lessons contains exercises. Send me your exercises for guidance and feedback. Expect to spend three to five hours a week on the class. 

If you’re too busy to complete the class’s lessons week by week, that’s fine. Write at your own pace. You can complete each lesson in YOUR time, not in mine. So you can take four weeks, or even four months. :-)

Your Writing Class -- Kindle Short Fiction Domination: Today's Blueprint For Writing Success And Income

PDF, 4 lessons

* Week 1: an introduction to writing short stories, genre, and an explanation of how the blueprint works. Full instructions are included.

* Week 2: your short story blueprint — setup, obstacles, climax. How to plan stories in advance. (Or not — your choice. You can work backwards if you choose. You’ll write great stories, either way.)

* Week 3: writing fast, and self-editing. Working on several stories concurrently — you’ll LOVE this. MARKETING.

* Week 4: publishing, and making Kindle Unlimited work for you.

You receive all four lessons immediately.

Short Story Mastery: Activate Your Imagination And Creativity To Write Powerful Stories Which Sell

story mastery.jpg

PDF, 35 pages.

Everything you want to know about writing short fiction ebooks. 


* How to make more profit per word;

* Dozens of useful fiction-writing tips;

* How to create wonderful characters your reads will love;

* Super-simple plotting concepts;

* Price and length for short stories;

* And much more.

You're never alone... FREE coaching (for a limited time)

Free coaching is included...

Free coaching is included...

For a limited time, we're including FREE coaching in your program. Not only will you receive personal guidance, you'll also receive weekly feedback on your lessons.

Coaching is valuable: please take advantage of it. Your success is our success.

What do students say?

"My nonfiction ebooks sell OK, but I hoped for more. Julia suggested I try fiction... The blueprint in Kindle Short Fiction Domination class is what the name suggests. I'm a new fiction author who's making an income every day. Thank you... my 4th program form Angela. Like the rest, a great investment." 
Jon P. UK

"My first novel went nowhere -- got bored. Doubted myself. Angela asked me to take the Domination class. Had no expectations. Wrote 11 stories, and they're SELLING. As Angela always says... ONWARD!"
Patsy W. USA

"My first attempts at fiction... Can't believe I have readers who LOVE my stories... asking for more. Thank you to Angela and Julia. You're the best."
Gudrun B. Germany

Ready to get started?

Kindle Unlimited is a wonderful opportunity. Whether you're a new fiction author, or are publishing already, come join us. 

You'll have fun... and you may just begin a whole new career.


FINAL OFFERING: class closes on April 29; will not be offered again.

Kindle Short Fiction Domination
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Want to write short fiction and build a successful career? For the first time in decades, it's possible to write short stories and make a great income.

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Questions? Please ask

We wish you all success. 

In addition to your coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth


P.S. our class closes for good on April 29; it not be offered again.