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Professional Blogger’s Toolbox: Blogging Profits Made Simple

Blogging is instant publishing. If you want to get more and better clients, sell more ebooks, or turn a blog into a business, read on.


In 2015, blogging can solve many of your challenges with your writing. Isn't it time you became a blogging expert?

"Wish You Could Build A Sold 6-Figure Writing Career? 

"Your Blog May Be The Answer."

Blogging is instant publishing. If you want to get more and better clients, sell more ebooks, or turn a blog into a business, read on.

Hi Fellow Writer

I've long been a blogging evangelist, because I know what blogging has done for my own writing career.

In 1999/ 2000, I launched my first blogs. At that time, blogging was thought a weird activity for a professional writer. After all, I was writing "for free."

I received a lot of scorn from editors and publishers, not to mention other writers. Thank heavens I ignored the nay-sayers

Blogging helped me to get hired, and build a readership

Blogging gave me tremendous opportunities. I began writing for clients across the globe. Barnes & Noble University hired me to develop a program. Publishers hired me to ghost books, and to contribute chapters to books... I giggled whenever anyone suggested I was writing for free... Blogging was the best way ever to get all the writing gigs I wanted, and all the work I could handle.

(If you're not overbooked, here's a tip -- blog. :-))

In those early years, I created an ezine for creatives, writers and designers, called Creative Small Biz. I began creating writing and marketing programs for the ezine's readers from 2002 onward, and haven't stopped. As the years rolled on, I created (literally) hundreds of blogs. And built a solid career which is exciting, and FUN.

Could I have done it without blogging? In a word: NO. Blogging has made my entire writing career successful -- and over the years, I've helped thousands of writers to success too.

I look on blogging as the foundation of my writing and publishing, rather than something that I must do... 

If you're a savvy writer, you'll do this too. 

Write, and hit the Publish button, and make money

Before I started blogging, writing exhausted me. The publishing industry was very slow to take up new notions like email. This meant that in the 1990s, dealing with agents and editors meant postal email, and faxes.

It also meant dealing with people who had to get agreement from many others, before they handed out a publishing contract.

Blogging was a blissful relief. I could write what I wanted, and publish it as soon as I was ready. My words made money.

The blogging pioneers who started when I did went on to create their own media companies, or established personal brands, as Hugh MacLeod did. Or they just kept blogging. Why stop? Blogging is more effective (as the content marketing revolution proves) than any other activity in building a business.

Blogging today: still the best thing you can do for your writing business

At least once every couple of years, you'll hear that "blogging is dead". It makes a good, if stupid, headline. 

Here's what one blogger said:

“Since launching my blog Hermione Olivia last September, I have shared experiences from Mykonos, Saint-Tropez and Capri. The website has taken me to Barcelona, Somerset and home to Sydney.”

You've heard of bloggers who make million-dollar incomes, and five and six figures from their blog every month. 

Please understand this: you can do it too.

Here's all that's preventing you from blogging success -- you're not sure how it works, and you lack tools.

Get excited, and get started

Depending on your mindset, your blog can be challenging, or exciting. It's all in your point of view. Here's the thing: YOU control your point of view. YOU can make blogging fun, or you can make it excruciating.

Each and every successful blogging looks on blogging as being exciting and fun. When something's exciting, you can't wait to get to it. 

That doesn't mean that you won't have days when blogging gets you down, of course.

Successful bloggers -- however you define success -- have found ways to make blogging as easy as possible.

Solve any blogging challenge, the easy way

As you may know, I coach bloggers. The easiest way to start them blogging, and keep them blogging, turned out to be simple. They needed processes which helped them, so that they weren't staring at the computer screen.

I turned the processes into a professional blogger's toolbox. Last year, Julia (my wonderful assistant) suggested that I share the toolbox, so here it is.

Your Writing and publishing solution -- The Professional Blogger’s Toolbox: Blogging Profits Made Simple

A 4-week workshop for professional bloggers.

Your professional blogger's toolbox contains...
* Easy blogging templates you can use, and reuse, and customize to create thousands of blog posts, painlessly. You'll never stare at a blank computer screen again;

* A complete blogging guide for writers/ bloggers: how to make money blogging;

* EASY SEO secrets for bloggers: search engine optimization is essential: get found, and build an solid income;

* Blogging your books: how to develop your own promotions' machine for your ebooks;

* The blogging process: the secret to joyful blog writing. I share my own process for getting ideas, drafting blog posts, scheduling posts and more, so that blogging becomes simple. You'll make more sales, and get more clients, when you develop your pro bloggers' strategy.

What my students have said about the blogger’s toolbox…

"Angela and Julia, thank you for your patience, and motivation. With five business blogs I manage for clients I'm now a full-time blogger... my wife's started her own blog too. We're planning our first vacation in four years, and we'll keep blogging as we travel."
Matias P. USA

"Thank you for the templates, they're an inspiration. I never worry that I don't know what to blog about."
Erin J. France

"I wish I started blogging years ago. This month, my income exceeded my total writing income in 2014. THANKS."
Jon D. Scotland

Some ways in which you can use your pro blogger's toolbox...

1. To blog when you have no time to blog. Pick a template (you'll love the mini content templates), and start writing. You're never starting from zero.

2. To start a new blog, even if you've never blogged before.

3. To share your ideas and skills, and get hired to blog by big companies.

4. To promote your ebooks, and build a keen readership which eagerly anticipates every new book you write.

5. To boost your income from your writing. Your blog makes you stand out. You're no longer a generic writer.

6. To attract attention from agents, editors, and big companies.

7. To help your current clients: many companies want to blog. They have no idea how to get started. Although you can't share our templates directly, you can use those templates to develop blog post ideas for clients.

8. To do more and make more money with your current blog: even if your blog's never earned a cent, you can use the toolbox to turn it into a moneymaker.

Bonus -- FREE blog consult: turn YOUR blog into a money-maker

Free 30-minute consultation: do more with your current blog, or discuss a new blog with Angela. Consultations are $300 an hour, so this is a $150 value on its own.

Your consultation will give insights, ideas, and a customized program to put those insights to work. Whether you're creating a blog to build your publishing business, your writing business, or just want to develop an income stream, Angela’s advice is invaluable.

A free blog consult with your program is included for a limited time.

If you’ve always wanted to blog, but hesitated…

Hesitate no more. This is the program I give my personal coaching students. It will open many new opportunities for you.

My students pay $3,000 for it, and say that it’s the best investment they ever made. (You won’t be paying anywhere near that much.)

Not only will you enjoy the program, you’ll find yourself blogging like a pro. You’ll find that you’re more creative, and all your writing is easier. Your income will increase.

Special offering: this program is CLOSING

Professional Blogger’s Toolbox is closing, because we have no programs in development.

This means that you receive a very special offering on this program for a limited time. Until August 5, Professional Blogger’s Toolbox is yours for an incredible saving -- just $47.


Yes, you can buy via PayPal

Buy using PayPal; instant delivery.

Buy Now

Secure payment; instant delivery. Start blogging today. 
Your downloads include PDF files, which you can read on any computer or device. They also include video files, which you can play on your devices.

Questions? Please ask.

We wish you all success. 

You can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.