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Team Up With Angela In Our Online Writing Classes

Online writing classes to enhance your skills and build your income. Join Angela for our fun classes. They're short, powerful, and designed to help you to earn while you learn.

Online writing classes to enhance your skills and build your income

I chat with writers every day, and the world of writing is changing rapidly.

Yes, I know rapid change has been normal for a few years now, but as a student said recently: “As soon as I find something that works, it stops working. I can’t keep up!”

Let’s see what we can do about that.

Fast and practical writing classes for new and experienced writers/ authors

When I asked students what they needed, they wanted:

  • Classes in what’s hot, and is making  money for writers today;
  • Classes which can be completed quickly;
  • Classes which give you a skill which you can use immediately;
  • Classes with feedback and personal guidance

Most classes will be offered once a month

We’ll offer a core group of essential classes, so that you can learn skills which translate to income immediately. 

How it works…
Each class will begin on a date which will be announced a week earlier; the class will end a month later. 

You may enroll either before the class begins, or during its first week. If enrollment for a class has closed, enrollment will soon open for the next session of the class, so no worries. 


  • You won’t need to buy anything to take a class — you’ll receive downloadable reports, videos/ audios, worksheets etc. — whatever is needed for that class.
  • Each class has four lessons and you’ll receive a link via email to download that week’s lesson plus extras. Estimate that each lesson will take you an hour or two to complete.
  • Over the course of that month; you’ll receive exercises to send to me each week for feedback.
  • Enrollment in a class will be limited to seven writers per class. We need to keep classes small so that I can respond to your questions and provide individual feedback on your exercises.

Class 1: Publish Fiction In 8 Hours Or Less — Conquer Short Stories

Write a story, and publish it: all on the same day. You can write a short story in two hours, create a cover, then upload it to Amazon and other ebook retailers… Hey presto! You're now selling fiction in UNDER 8 hours — in just three hours.

And yes, people do buy snack-sized fiction, and you can often sell your short fiction for the same price you sell full-length novels.

Learn more.