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Angela Booth's Popular "Serial Fiction" Online Writing Class Returns

Angela Booth

Authors are discovering the power of serial fiction to build their readership and make sales.

With some four million ebooks available on Amazon's Kindle Store, authors face  immense challenges in their efforts to win loyal readers. Serial publication is not only a way to sell more books, it's also an effective and low-cost form of advertising.

One author said: "I primarily use my serials to promote my other novels, but I've found that the sales are good, so I'll be continuing to write serial fiction."

Angela Booth's class for authors, "Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans", is open again for a limited time. 

The class is presented as four lessons, with exercises, and helps authors to write successful serials. Authors can work at their own pace, downloading the complete class, with the reference materials, immediately.

Students start writing from the first lesson. All serial fiction's challenges for authors are covered, including keeping readers.

Enrollments are open now.

Learn more now.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, blogger, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to develop their skills. She also offers a range of ebooks for writers:

She blogs regularly at Fab Freelance Writing Blog, and other blogs for writers.

Contact her via her blogs, or via social media. 

Write In Scenes: Make Your Fiction Come Alive (New Program)

Angela Booth

You’re an author of fiction; new or aspiring. One of your biggest challenges is keeping your readers entertained. Does your reader read your entire novel? If he doesn’t, your payments for Pages Read in Kindle Unlimited will suffer — as will any chance you have of that reader buying your next novel.

Let’s look at how you win fans: readers who eagerly read every word of your novels, and just as eagerly wait for your next novel.

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