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Angela Booth Launches New Program Demystifying Social Media for Writers and Authors


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Angela Booth Launches New Program Demystifying Social Media for Writers and Authors

Angela Booth

Social media offers huge opportunities for writers and authors to sell their work. However, the path to success contains dead ends.

Angela Booth, who manages several writing blogs, believes that professional writers need to master selling their work on social media in 2019.

While building a following on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is neither easy nor fast, it's essential. The days when a writer could create a Facebook or LinkedIn page, and garner leads and sales in exchange for free content, are over.

Competition is fierce. Advertising rates are rising everywhere. Writers need an integrated strategy to build their platform, while gaining new clients and readers, and pleasing the audience they already have.

Angela's new program, Social Media Copywriting And Graphics: Get Attention And Sell More, has a goal: to help writers and authors to make a great living from their words.

The program helps them to discover how to make sales on social media, by getting attention with social media promotional campaigns which sell.

Packed with low-cost strategies and solutions, the program suits both new and established writers and authors. It's presented in the form of four lessons, with exercises, on which Angela offers feedback and assistance.

Additional information about the program is available here.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, blogger, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to develop their skills.

She also offers a range of books for writers.

She blogs regularly at Fab Freelance Writing Blog. Contact her via her blogs, or via social media.