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Write a Novel in 31 Days


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Write a Novel in 31 Days

Angela Booth

Many competent writers struggle with their fiction. Angela Booth's new book can help them to understand all the moving parts which make up a novel.

Today, self-publishing is a viable income stream for writers. With many freelance writers making the switch to writing fiction, Angela Booth has released a series of books to help. Her latest release is Master Fiction Writing: Craft a Novel in 31 Days.

It's the fourth ebook in Angela's Selling Writer Strategies series. The complete Selling Writer Strategies series is now available in ebook form. Print and audio formats are coming.

The "a novel in 31 days" program for writers began as a 30-day challenge which Angela organized for her Fab Freelance Writing Blog’s readers in 2010. Hundreds of writers joined the challenge and completed it. They wrote novels. Some went on to become self-published novelists.

"I still get questions about the program today," Angela said, "all these years later. So I decided to publish the program as a book. It's hugely satisfying that writers got so much out of the program."

Although the book is structured as a day-by-day program, writers can write at their own pace. Angela offers a writing tip each day, as well as a writing exercise. Angela hopes that by outlining the elements which make up salable fiction, authors will use the elements to build good novels which attract readers.

Angela says: "The biggest challenge for authors is developing processes which let them both look on their novel as a whole, while identifying the parts. When an author realizes that he can work on one element of his fiction at a time, it minimizes confusion. My students have resurrected novels they'd abandoned, because they can now see which elements those novels lacked."  

For more information, visit Master Fiction Writing: Craft a Novel in 31 Days.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, veteran blogger, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to develop their skills. She also offers a range of ebooks at

She blogs regularly at Fab Freelance Writing Blog. Contact Angela her via her blogs, or via social media.