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New And Aspiring Copywriters Discover How To Sell With Words


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New And Aspiring Copywriters Discover How To Sell With Words

Angela Booth

Top copywriter, author, and writing teacher Angela Booth has launched her updated online copywriting course, "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business." She offers a free report to help to motivate and inspire new copywriters.
The fundamentals of copywriting -- advertising writing -- remain the same as they've been for centuries. In our modern connected, global marketplace, those fundamentals are more important than ever. Companies and individuals need to inform, persuade, and to sell. Their very existence depends on it.

Veteran copywriter Angela Booth updates her 10-week online copywriting course "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" regularly. It's just been updated for 2016. The course has been helping new copywriters to establish profitable freelance copywriting businesses for over a decade.

She says: "The demand for copywriters has never been higher. Companies need to sell in real time, on social media and elsewhere, because in 2015, consumers ignore traditional advertising. Copywriters today more skills than they've ever needed before."

Students tell Angela that "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" is powerful, as well as practical. Angela strives to make the training fun, and easy. More than one student has told her that after taking "Copywriting Mastery", they finally understand how copywriting works. They're inspired to develop their own innovative campaigns and strategies.

New copywriters can download Angela's free report, "Write To Sell: How To Develop A Fun And Profitable Copywriting Services Business".

Learn more about Angela Booth's ten-week online copywriting course here.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, veteran blogger, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills.

Angela helps writers and other creatives to launch successful businesses and careers every day. She publishes writing tips and guides on her various writing blogs, including Fab Freelance Writing Blog