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Fiction Ghostwriters: New Career Opportunities for Authors

Angela Booth

Angela Booth has released a new writing program for authors who want to develop a fiction ghostwriting career. The program is available now.

A ghostwriter writes to order, and while ghostwriters have always been popular in nonfiction publishing, it's only in the past several years that they've become sought-after by fiction publishers.

Beginning fiction ghostwriters can find gigs on the freelance marketplaces.

Established authors are approached by publishers. These publishers offer ghostwriting contracts for single titles or complete series in popular genres, at lucrative rates.

These are "for hire" contracts: authors are paid for the complete rights to their books.

A ghostwriter since the 1990s, Angela Booth's students asked for a program which would help them to build ghostwriting careers quickly.

Her new program, Story Spinner: Build A Lucrative Fiction Ghostwriting Business In 7 Days does precisely that. The comprehensive program suits both new and established authors. It includes personal coaching from Angela.

For more information visit the program page at

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses, and classes to help writers to develop their skills.

She blogs regularly at her writing blog.

Contact Angela via her sites, or via social media.

Publishing Services Are Here: Publish With Confidence

Angela Booth


I’m thrilled to announce that our new publishing services are available.

As publishing and self-publishing become ever more complex, it’s long been my dream to offer “done for you” copywriting and editorial services to make publishing a smoother process.

Many of the services will soon be available as instant purchases. This will make it easier for you to set your deadlines and know that you’ll meet your publishing goals.

Questions? Please get in touch for information, advice, or a quote.

There’s a form on the Publishing Services page, or you can contact me via one of the blogs.

I’m looking forward to writing with you. :-)

Make Money Online With Easy Product Creation

Angela Booth

Make Money Online With Easy Product Creation

Do you wish you could make money online? Millions of people do. They sell their products on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and a thousand other venues. Of course, they also sell from their own websites.

Many of these products are digital, and they’re easy to create and sell.

Could you make money online with your own digital product?

As you may know, I coach writers, many of whom are aspiring authors and product creators. They want to create quickly, but they have a big hurdle to overcome: procrastination.

Our ebook Write AND Sell in Just 8 Hours: Create Top-Selling Ebooks FAST solved the procrastination problem for many authors. Writers wanted more details however. They asked for video tutorials.

8 Hour Ebooks Video Training: learn the process, and products quickly

I created tutorials for my personal coaching students, and now they’re available for you.

8 Hour Ebooks Video Training helps you to create your next product, whether it’s an ebook or something else, in just eight hours.

You can get started today. You’ll get ALL the help you need; coaching is included. Have fun. :-)

Angela Booth's Popular "Serial Fiction" Online Writing Class Returns

Angela Booth

Authors are discovering the power of serial fiction to build their readership and make sales.

With some four million ebooks available on Amazon's Kindle Store, authors face  immense challenges in their efforts to win loyal readers. Serial publication is not only a way to sell more books, it's also an effective and low-cost form of advertising.

One author said: "I primarily use my serials to promote my other novels, but I've found that the sales are good, so I'll be continuing to write serial fiction."

Angela Booth's class for authors, "Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans", is open again for a limited time. 

The class is presented as four lessons, with exercises, and helps authors to write successful serials. Authors can work at their own pace, downloading the complete class, with the reference materials, immediately.

Students start writing from the first lesson. All serial fiction's challenges for authors are covered, including keeping readers.

Enrollments are open now.

Learn more now.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, blogger, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to develop their skills. She also offers a range of ebooks for writers:

She blogs regularly at Fab Freelance Writing Blog, and other blogs for writers.

Contact her via her blogs, or via social media. 

Write In Scenes: Make Your Fiction Come Alive (New Program)

Angela Booth

You’re an author of fiction; new or aspiring. One of your biggest challenges is keeping your readers entertained. Does your reader read your entire novel? If he doesn’t, your payments for Pages Read in Kindle Unlimited will suffer — as will any chance you have of that reader buying your next novel.

Let’s look at how you win fans: readers who eagerly read every word of your novels, and just as eagerly wait for your next novel.

Read More

New And Aspiring Copywriters Discover How To Sell With Words

Angela Booth

Top copywriter, author, and writing teacher Angela Booth has launched her updated online copywriting course, "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business." She offers a free report to help to motivate and inspire new copywriters.
The fundamentals of copywriting -- advertising writing -- remain the same as they've been for centuries. In our modern connected, global marketplace, those fundamentals are more important than ever. Companies and individuals need to inform, persuade, and to sell. Their very existence depends on it.

Veteran copywriter Angela Booth updates her 10-week online copywriting course "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" regularly. It's just been updated for 2016. The course has been helping new copywriters to establish profitable freelance copywriting businesses for over a decade.

She says: "The demand for copywriters has never been higher. Companies need to sell in real time, on social media and elsewhere, because in 2015, consumers ignore traditional advertising. Copywriters today more skills than they've ever needed before."

Students tell Angela that "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" is powerful, as well as practical. Angela strives to make the training fun, and easy. More than one student has told her that after taking "Copywriting Mastery", they finally understand how copywriting works. They're inspired to develop their own innovative campaigns and strategies.

New copywriters can download Angela's free report, "Write To Sell: How To Develop A Fun And Profitable Copywriting Services Business".

Learn more about Angela Booth's ten-week online copywriting course here.

About Angela Booth

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author, veteran blogger, and writing coach. She offers many guides, courses and classes to help writers to enhance their skills.

Angela helps writers and other creatives to launch successful businesses and careers every day. She publishes writing tips and guides on her various writing blogs, including Fab Freelance Writing Blog