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Instant Author: Your Complete Self-Publishing System

Discover how make great money from your ebooks when you self-publish on Amazon's Kindle store, and other ebook retailers. Here's a hint: it's all about discovery, and your frequency of publication.


Self-publishing is an enormous opportunity for writers. Thousands of writers are making wonderful livings from their ebooks. Some are making millions of dollars.

"It's Time To Profit From Every Word That You Write. 

"Learn The Secrets Of Becoming A Self-Publishing Pro, And Sell More Ebooks Every Day."

* Publish fast, and write what sells, if you'd like to sell more ebooks every day;

* To make more income, write both fiction and nonfiction: learn the secrets of discoverability;

* Publishing professionals publish regularly: new releases are powerful sales tools.

If the thought of writing not just one, but many ebooks, and increasing your daily income intrigues you, read on.

Hi Fellow Writer

The publishing revolution's been underway for at least a couple of decades. In 2007 it received an enormous boost when Amazon released the Kindle.

Many writers are taking advantage of publishing's new freedoms. They write what they want, where they want, and they make more money than writers have ever made... Because they keep the profits from their words.

However, few authors understand how important it is to publish regularly. Even if they are aware of the importance, they can't do it, because they can't write fast enough.

Your Kindle income depends on how frequently you publish

I try to publish something new, under one of my pen names, at least once a month -- preferably twice a month. It's essential. Without regular and frequent publication, your income lags.

All self-publishing authors learn this: you need to publish regularly. The more ebooks you have available, the more ALL your ebooks sell. Recently an author on one of the forums discovered that the top-selling fiction authors had an average of 59 ebooks available.

If you want your income to steadily increase, you need to constantly publish.

Please be aware of that, if a self-publishing income is important to you. I chat with many authors who are hoping to make a good income from just one or two ebooks. Yes, it's possible, but unlikely.

Ricki speeded up her publishing: she replaced her husband's income

Some authors need their self-publishing income desperately. 

Ricki, one of my writing students, faced a tough situation. Her husband was injured in an accident at work, and her small son needed expensive medication. 

She asked me whether I could help her to increase her publishing income. She couldn't get a full-time job, she had to be at home.

It took four months to replace her husband's income. Some six months later, Ricki's monthly income from her ebooks is in six figures.

This result isn't a fluke, or a one-off. Other students have done the same, and the results are replicated in my own self-publishing business.

Ricki makes hundreds of dollars a day from her ebooks. Publish frequently, and you can boost your daily income too.

Julia suggested that we formalize the materials we used to help Ricki, and offer them to you. 

So, here you go. :-)


Instant Author, and Instant Ebooks -- a complete system

All the help you need to create fast, and publish frequently.

Instant Author: Your Complete Self-Publishing System

PDF, 114 pages.



Publish both fiction and nonfiction, for ebook profits. Guidance and inspiration to help you to write fast and well, and publish fast.

Write fiction: short stories and novels. Write non-fiction: know what's selling, and write it. Information is in high demand. You can profit from your own experiences.


Ebook Treasure Trove: Create And Publish (Almost) Instant Ebooks

PDF, 45 pages.


Five ways to create and publish ebooks quickly. Other authors are profiting from these five methods, and you can too.

We include ways for you to publish public domain material, and other material too. And yes, you can still make money with public domain materials, if you handle them in the right way.


Beta testers LOVE this material

For this beta test we chose authors who were completely new to self-publishing.

Here's snippets from their comments

"I'm a ten-year veteran freelance journalist. My income's dropped... My first six ebooks, three months after publishing are making $150 a day... a huge boost in self-confidence."
Tim P. USA
"Julia sent me the program... last week, I received my first payment from Amazon -- $433. Thank you! It's my first money as a writer."
Jennifer M. USA
"What a shock -- today I opened my dashboard, saw I'd made $287. Could it be because I published three ebooks last week? :-)"
Phillip E. France