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How to Write in Scenes

Discover the magical secret of writing fiction which sells…

“Write And Sell Novels And Short Stories…  
  “Build A Profitable Fiction Writing Career FAST, When You Learn The ONE Big Secret Of Top-Selling Authors.”

  •  Develop an amazing (and fun) fiction writing career;
  •  Write better novels faster;
  •  Win fans who love your novels and are eager to buy.

Want to write wonderful stories readers love… fiction which SELLS? 

Read on.

Hi Fellow Author
   When I sold my first novels, way back in the 1980s, I was a nervous wreck. I sat down at the typewriter each day, with tears rolling down my face… I had no idea what I was doing.
   Then everything changed.
   My editor at my publishing house gave me a gift: a three-word instruction on how to write salable fiction. 
   More on that in a moment.
   Firstly, some gentle words of encouragement if your novels just aren’t selling.

“Why aren’t my novels selling?” 

Authors today don’t have editors who guide them to success...

Acquisitions editors at publishing houses want books which are ready to go into production immediately. On the other hand, editors hired by self-publishers focus on one novel – these editors are not writing teachers.
   If you’ve written a novel or three and aren’t making sales, it’s easy to despair, and feel that you don’t have what it takes. 
   “I’ve done everything I can think of — bought advertising, did a blog tour, gave away free copies… Why aren’t my novels selling?”  
   When you do everything “right”, it’s devastating when a novel doesn’t sell. You believe that you’re not cut out to be a writer. Whatever it takes to sell fiction, you don’t have it.
   Believe me, you DO have what it takes. You just need to make some simple adjustments so that you can write salable fiction.
   Here’s the good news: once you know how it's done, you’ll enjoy writing, because you write suspense-filled fiction readers ADORE... and buy.
   OK – here’s how it’s done. 

My editor’s three-word instruction: use it, and prosper

Here it is: “write in scenes.”
   Those three words saved me. 
   Here’s how I got into the mess… 
   I got my first book contract because writing in scenes came naturally to me. My book proposal – three chapters and an outline. Scenes in my chapters? Yep.
    Then I got a book contract. And panicked… I had no idea why I’d got the contract, and certainly knew nothing about “scenes” – that just happened to be the way I wrote. I’ve always been a voracious reader, so I managed to internalize “write in scenes” without realizing it.
   My editor was kind. She explained scenes. She showed me my own scenes, and said – “you’re already doing it. Write in scenes. Like that.”
   A huge metaphorical light bulb went off over the top of my head.
   SCENES… I can do that. :-)
   You can do that too…
   Which brings us to our new program, which I created for my students, and now share with you.

Why this new program on writing in scenes?

This program grew out of frustration; both the frustration of my writing students, and my own. My students found writing fiction more challenging than it needs to be — I could see that they were confused about scenes, which are the basic building blocks of fiction. 
   My own frustration arose because I could see that my students could write wonderful novels and short stories… if only they understood scenes and narrative. Without that understanding, their fiction was like a bagful of rocks. Extracting the diamonds from the rocks took extended effort in both time and money. 
   I became weary of saying: "You have some wonderful ideas here. Let's develop them…" Developing their ideas meant rewriting. From scratch. 
   That effort could have been avoided, if the students had been aware of what makes a scene, and had written in scenes in their first draft.  With an understanding of scenes, they could write better novels faster, and have more fun too. 
   But why is "writing in scenes" so important?
   Essentially, writing in scenes helps you to write exciting, unputdownable books. In today's publishing climate they're the kinds of books you MUST write if you want sales. 
   Let's look at today's self-publishing environment for a moment.

Four million books, plus 100,000 new ebooks a month uploaded to the Kindle Store

Currently Amazon has over four million ebooks on the Kindle Store. Many more millions of books are available on Amazon. Some 100,000 ebooks were uploaded to Amazon in the past 30 days.
    Of all those ebooks, many thousands are free — readers can download them and can gorge on as many free ebooks as they wish.
   Think about that for a moment.
   Today, readers don't need to pay for fiction. They have endless choice, and can read as many books as they like… for free.
   The good news is that you can nevertheless stand out from the crowd. You can write novels which readers want to read and for which they’ll happily PAY.

When you learn to write in scenes, you WILL sell your novels

When my students discover scenes, the blinders fall off – they’re shocked when they realize that fiction’s basic building blocks are EASY to write, and that writing in scenes immediately makes their novels more interesting, exciting… and of course, salable.

Introducing… Fiction: How To Write In Scenes -- The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More

Let’s look at some benefits of writing in scenes

  • You’ll always know what to write. You’ll end anxiety and frustration, so you can build your novels block by block (scene by scene);
  • If you’re a pantser, you can skip the agony of writing novel outlines. You only need a sentence or two of “outline” for a scene, just before you write it. On the other hand, if you love outlines, go all out with amazing outlines… you can outline your novel, scene by scene;
  • You’ll be able to identify and write the BIG scenes in your novel. These scenes sell your novel. You’ll be able to identify those big scenes which your novel must contain to be satisfying to readers, and you’ll know how to write them.
  • You’ll discover how to plan your novels, so that you can write more, more easily.

 What my students say…

“Just what I was looking for – another great product. My third from Angela.” Liz J.
   “What a difference a month makes. Love this... Huge improvement in my enthusiasm and confidence. Sent my reader list a scene from my work in progress, received immediate responses…” Mia E.M.
   “Thanks for your kind encouragement. Almost completed second novel, scenes helped!” Thomas W. 

Want to start writing fiction, but aren’t sure how?

Writing your novel, scene by scene, is FUN. You experience the action of your novel, and readers do too.
   When I ask my beta students to exchange scenes, they enjoy each other’s writing – and want to read more. Writing in scenes builds your enthusiasm for completing your novel – and that’s highly desirable, because more novels are started by hopeful authors than are ever completed.
   Use this program while writing your current fiction, or start a new novel with confidence. 

What you receive with the How To Write In Scenes program

Here’s your chance to discover the easy way of writing top-selling fiction, starting today.
   You receive…

Fiction: How To Write In Scenes... The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More


Fiction: How To Write In Scenes

The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More

PDF, 83 pages
   Packed with easy-to-implement strategies, ideas, and exercises, this exciting program will change the way you write fiction. Suitable both for new fiction authors, as well as experienced pros, it helps you to eliminate anxiety and self-doubt.

Writing fiction which sells will become easy, so you’ll write more. One student said: “This morning I wrote three scenes. Now I know how to finish my novel. Finally. I’ve been procrastinating on this book for months… My writing partner asked me what happened… She loves my scenes too.”

Scene Secrets: Simple Strategies For Creating Bestselling Fiction

 Scene Secrets

Simple Strategies For Creating Bestselling Fiction

PDF, 28 pages
   The nitty-gritty of scene writing. Inspiration and motivation to guide you today, and going forward.

PLUS A BONUS -- 5 genre “cheat sheets” for the most popular genres (categories) in fiction

Which scenes are essential for your novel -- or short story?

Every genre has essential scenes: scenes which readers expect to find. The more solidly you meet reader expectations, the more readers will enjoy your books, and the more fans you'll win. To give you a boost on understanding popular fiction genres, you receive FIVE genre cheat sheets.

5 PDFs, 5 pages each
   Discover the secrets of romance novels, mysteries, paranormal novels and more. Each cheat sheet explains the genre, and gives you a link to download (free) ebooks in the genre. You may just find a genre you were born to write, and which takes you to the next level in your fiction.

SUPER BONUS -- Coaching, of course

Personal Coaching

 As with all our writing programs, free coaching with Angela is included.

As with all our writing programs, free coaching with Angela is included. You receive 30 minutes of coaching; a $150 value. Please work through the program. Then, ask any questions you wish, and get guidance to help you to make your next breakthrough in fiction writing.

What is this program worth to YOU?

I asked my beta students, who’ve worked with the program. They reported that if they’d had to pay for the program, they’d pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for the value they’ve received.
   Of course, you won’t be paying anywhere near those sums. :-)
   Fiction: How To Write In Scenes -- The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More is fantastic value at just $197.

Enroll now

Fiction: How To Write In Scenes

Fiction: How To Write In Scenes... The Magical Secret To Writing Well And Selling More

Want to write wonderful stories readers love… fiction which SELLS? Our new program guides you in developing an amazing (and fun) fiction writing career: you'll write  better novels faster. You'll also win fans who love your novels and are eager to buy them.

Comprehensive package includes personal coaching -- a $150 value included free.

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 Enjoy... :-) Please remember, that Julia and I are always here to help. Contact us at any time and we'll respond within a few hours, often within minutes. We love the program, our students LOVE it, and we're sure that you will too.

   With much affection, 
   Angela Booth
   P.S. Please work through the program, then book your coaching here. Mention SCENES COACHING in your message. Julia will send you a questionnaire, and we’ll begin your coaching, which is via email. You can also book a phone call with Angela, if you’d prefer to chat.