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Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)

Want to make money writing fiction? You can. Fiction is hot. It outsells non-fiction on the ebook retailers 6 to 1. If you want to write and sell hot fiction, Hot Plots is your guide to writing stories readers love.


For the first time in decades, writers can write fiction profitably: it can become a real career, instead of a hobby. Fiction is hot, and on the ebook retailers it outsells non-fiction  6 to 1. 

Hate Boring Writing Gigs, and Your Day Job? You May Be Ready To Become A Self-Publishing Author.

Write Commercial Fiction, and Join Thousands of Writers Selling Books.

Hi Fellow Writer

I began my writing career way back in the early 1980s as a romance novelist. Within a couple of years I had to face facts: only bestselling novelists made real money. Since I like to eat, I wrote advertising copy and magazine articles.

Fiction was part of my past. Until the Kindle. For the first time in history you can write a short story, or a novel, and get paid directly. No middle men. Moreover, with the launch of Kindle Unlimited, readers don't even need to buy your books. They can read them for free. You get paid by the pages read. Currently, the money I make from "pages read" is three times what I make in ebook sales. 

Finally, commercial fiction pays. If you can write entertaining stories which readers read, you get paid.

That's your challenge -- writing entertaining stories, and writing them quickly. 

The big secret of Kindle fiction

The big secret of making money from your fiction is writing a lot. (You've heard that before. It's true.)

And publishing strategically and consistently. 

Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program ensures that authors can make money from all kinds of fiction. Moreover, whatever you're publishing, you have a global audience.

Jaime experiences early success, then sales slow

In the final months of 2014, Jaime, one of my students, published three novels under a pen name. She'd been working on them for a while, and although she managed to interest a literary agent, the agent couldn't get a contract from a publishing house for them. So she decided to publish them as Kindle ebooks.

She completed the ebooks, and published one in October, one in November, and one in December of 2014.

While she revised and published those novels, she was writing a fourth. Her sales were minimal at first, but gradually rose. In December, she made $854 from Amazon alone. In January, she made $1,345. In February, she made $970.

After rising each month, in February her sales slowed. She believes she knows why — she hasn't published anything new since December. She got busy over 2014 Christmas holiday season, and procrastinated for the early months of 2015. She has a mailing list, and believes that her sales would have continued to climb, if only she'd published new material.

Jaime in 2018: persistence, and series

Jaime's become a full time author since her venture into self-publishing. Her family's joined her, too. Her husband is now her manager, and she's publishing something new every six to eight weeks. 

I asked Jaime (in October 2018) for her thoughts on the state of self-publishing today. She believes that self-publishing has become much more professional. “Today, you need to promote, and for me and other veteran authors, that means getting to grips with Facebook and AMS advertising, as well as focusing on our reader lists. In many ways, it’s easier to make a living today that it was a couple of years ago.”

 Consistent publishing is key

I've heard similar stories from other authors: they must continue to release new fiction, otherwise their sales slow.

Self-publishing is competitive today. If you want to sell, you must have a writing and publishing program, and publish new books consistently. You don't need to publish novels. You can publish novellas, and short stories, but you must publish consistently.

When I ask authors why they're procrastinating on new material, they tell me that they develop a story, and then get stuck. They get bored with the characters. Their plots have holes. They lose enthusiasm for writing.

Believe it or not, that's easy to fix.

You're about to discover the easiest, faster, and most fun plotting method ever. You can use it for all your fiction, whether you're writing short stories, novellas or novels. Take control of your fiction now, and publish more, more easily.

Write HOT-Selling Fiction, With: "Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)"

 Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)...

Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)...

The plotting system that helps you to plot and write — and to have fun while you do it

As you may know, I write lots of fiction, for my ghostwriting clients, as well as under various pen names. It's not literary fiction: it's commercial. It's entertaining, and it sells.

If you're struggling with fiction, here's the good news.

Writing fiction — that is, creating exciting characters and page-turning, suspenseful plots — can be learned.

You can learn a system which works for you.

With characters you love, and a good plot, you can focus on the writing, and publishing.

I developed the "hot plots" fiction writing system for my students. It works for them — they love it. They write more, and publish more, and their income increases. 

You can use it too.

Here’s what’s included in Hot Plots

1. Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)

PDF, 31 pages.

Hot Plots is a five-step plotting process anyone can use. And yes, it takes just five minutes or less. Here’s the beauty of it: your plot grows organically. 

It starts with a single character. Not only will you discover how to create original characters, you’ll create original plots too. And they’ll be plots which readers love.

There are endless plotting methods. I developed Hot Plots for those of my students who swore that they couldn’t write fiction because they had “no imagination.” 

As you’d expect, if you know me, I took this as a direct challenge. :-) This is the process I developed for them, and it works. 


2. From Idea to Scene, to Story: Hot-Selling Fiction Secrets

 From Idea to Scene, to Story: Hot-Selling Fiction Secrets

From Idea to Scene, to Story: Hot-Selling Fiction Secrets

PDF, 35 pages.

Commercial fiction starts with an idea. You build your initial idea into a growing story, with scenes

Readers love scenes, because scenes put them right into the middle of the action. 

Once you’ve got your baby plot, using the Hot Plots process, you’ll develop your story with scenes. This program shows you how to develop scenes in short stories and novels. It also shows you how to start your stories. 

And much more.

BONUS — Plot FAST, Publish FAST: Craft Bestselling Fiction In Any Genre

 Plot FAST, Publish FAST: Craft Bestselling Fiction In Any Genre

Plot FAST, Publish FAST: Craft Bestselling Fiction In Any Genre

PDF, 31 pages.

Our initial plotting program. Readers report great results. Try it out for yourself. In Plot FAST, your plots start with a seed. 

Seeds for plots are everywhere, and you can plot at will.

My students use it as a companion to Hot Plots, and gain insights from it.



BONUS — free coaching, as always (we’re determined that YOU will get results)

As always, you receive free coaching with our programs; 30 minutes of coaching — a $200 value. We’re determined to help you to succeed. Writers of many levels of experience purchase our programs. They need individual help, and it’s our privilege to give it to them.

What my students say about the Hot Plots program…

"My Kindle success is ALL due to Angela's Hot Plots, and her and Julia's guidance. I thought I couldn't write fiction, but now my sales are increasing daily."
Phillip.E. USA

"As a full-time freelancer, I'm all about client work... Angela's coaching helped me get big clients. My background's in law, so Angela suggested I write a novel about legal eagles using carefully-altered details from cases... The Hot Plots process is so easy. I just finished my first draft."
Tessa L. UK

"With Hot Plots, I'm looking at fiction in a completely new way... I'm writing faster. I finished a series: 234 copies sold of the latest story, today. Thank you! I've got a new career, one I've always dreamed about."
Kirsty A. NZ

Can YOU benefit from Hot Plots?

Hot Plots helps you to write stories which readers love to read, and which you enjoy writing.

It's a process, rather than a formula. Once you've seen how easy it is, you'll eliminate writer's block, and will gain confidence that you can write fiction.

Hot Plots works with any genre. Indeed, the first step in the process is "how to craft genre characters which readers love."

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Hot Plots: Craft Hot-Selling Fiction in 5 Minutes (or less)
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For the first time in decades, writers can write fiction profitably: it can become a real career, instead of a hobby. Fiction is hot, and on the ebook retailers it outsells non-fiction  6 to 1. Join the gold rush.

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We wish you all success. 

You can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Check inside the program for instructions on how to book your email coaching session.


Angela Booth

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