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Freelance Pitching Secrets

Freelance Pitching Secrets: How To Build A Lucrative Writing Business — Sell More Of Your Writing Every Day

“Want To Sell More Of Your Writing EVERY Day?

"Here’s How To Quit Your Day Job And Live The Life You Want… Smash The Ceiling On Your Income.”

  • Discover writing freedom: get high-value clients who appreciate you and pay well;
  • Discover the simple secret just 5% of writers understand, and use this secret today;
  • Discover how to write less, and earn more: you can write from your home office, or travel the world.

Are you struggling to make an income, and wondering if the freelance writing life is for you? If you’re spending endless hours writing every day, and earning little, read on.


Hi Fellow Writer

The writing life can be a real challenge. You may love to write, but spending many hours each day writing for a pittance quickly becomes drudgery. 

Does this sound like you? You’re the kind of writer who, when you’re not writing, is searching for gigs on the web and on the freelance marketplaces. You can’t believe that buyers offer so little for projects – and get bidders. 

Then you remember your car payment, and bid on a project which will take you ten hours and which pays $100.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you could stop hunting for writing jobs?

The challenge for writers today is that we’re competing in a global marketplace. So, when you rely on job websites like the freelance marketplaces to get gigs, the race is to the bottom. The buyers want cheap writers, and the cheapest bid wins. No writer in a western economy can hope to compete with writers in developing countries, where a dollar goes much further.

Competing on price doesn’t work today. Fiverr, Upwork… In my consulting practice, I work with writers who get gigs on these marketplaces, and are burned out. I also work with writers who tell me that their clients “won’t pay more.” These writers are depressed. Some are ready to give up writing for good.

However… There’s another way to freelance. 

Freelancing needn’t be misery. Do you realize that top-earning professional writers’ income is in the six figures? 

You can join the writers who price their writing services at $200 to $300 an hour. To do that, you must know what these writers know. 

Here’s the big secret about hunting for writing jobs

Want the secret? Here you go…

High-paying companies don’t advertise for writers – they don’t want a generic “writer.” They want writers who can prove not merely that they can write; these writers must prove that they understand a company AND will provide value.

Stop hunting: start pitching

High-earning freelance writers never hunt for writing jobs. They pitch. A creative pitch is basically just an offer to do something, for pay.

Companies and publications you can pitch are everywhere. Back in the day, if I needed more gigs and wanted to pitch companies, I drove to my local business park on the outskirts of town. I wrote down the names of businesses I might like to pitch, then drove home and wrote pitches.

Among freelance writers, pitches are often known as "queries" or "proposals." 

Magazines and websites are used to receiving editorial queries, and publishers are used to receiving book proposals. Companies are used to receiving proposals too. Often companies put out RFPs – Requests for Proposals for something or other.

These days, I prefer the term pitching, rather than proposing. Pitching reminds you that you're tossing out ideas for buyers to catch; it also reminds you that you can and should be creative in your pitches.

Start today: CHOOSE how much you want to be paid

Here’s the thing about pitching for a writing gig: you get to choose how much you want to be paid. In a very real sense, you’re creating your own personalized writing gigs, at a much higher fees than you’ll ever be paid when you’re applying to companies which advertise.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve received so many questions about GOOD, profitable writing gigs that finally I decided to create a program which introduces freelance writers to pitching. Whatever your writing challenge, better pitching is often the answer.

Let me introduce you to our exciting new program. I teach this material to my students, so it’s time-tested, powerful, and practical. It works for beginning as well as advanced writers.

“Freelance Pitching Secrets: How To Build A Lucrative Writing Business — Sell More Of Your Writing Every Day”

In this exciting new program you’ll discover:

  • How to get started pitching. The program includes templates for your  Terms of Service and the other documents you need so that you can start pitching today, and get a high-paying gig almost immediately.
  • All about the different kinds of pitches: from short mini-pitches you can create for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, to dazzling extravaganzas. More pitches mean more money. If you can’t triple your income in a month easily, I’ll be astounded. (It’s unlikely, but should it happen, get in touch immediately, and we’ll fix it.)
  • Amazing spec pitches: the way to get ten times more money for a project than you’re getting now.
  • How to pitch fiction and nonfiction books to traditional publishers. A no-nonsense strategy that works, should you choose to opt for traditional publishing, rather than self-publishing.
  • How to network, and leverage your writing so that you can pitch for big projects, worth upwards (sometimes WAY upwards) of $15,000.
  • … and much more.

What students report about the pitching strategies in this new program

What a difference six months makes. Before I started pitching, my average fee for a writing job was $150… A client just agreed to $5,650 for a project I’ll complete in three days.
— Josie R.
When Angela suggested I triple my fee for a project, I was nervous, but I did it, and slowly things changed… I just made more money in a week than I previously made in two months... For the first time ever, I’m booked solid.
— Cole W.
Before I contacted Angela, I was working two jobs and trying to write in my lunch hour… pitching works. Here’s how I know – I just became a full-time writer. All thanks to Angela for the sound advice and help whenever I needed it.
— David P.

You pitch to help your clients – it’s easy

“Pitching” can sound esoteric if you’re not used to it. However, it’s blindingly simple. You already know how to write. Pitching just means showing clients how you can help them: they NEED you. You don’t need to sell them on what you provide; pitching isn’t advertising. (Although it can be. In the program I show you how I got writing gigs just by creating a profile.)

Occasionally, one of my students will tell me that “I don’t have time to pitch.” My response? You don’t have time not to. Pitching eliminates the drudgery of hunting for writing jobs, and applying for gigs along with 100 other writers. When you pitch, there’s no competition. There’s just what you offer. Pitching can save huge amounts of time: you’re paid more and are writing projects you love, because you created them.

Within a month or two of committing to pitching, you can and should be booked solid for the next six months.

Here’s what’s included in Freelance Pitching Secrets

In this program, you receive EVERYTHING you need to start pitching immediately, whether you’re a new writer, or are an experienced pro.

Freelance Pitching Secrets: How To Build A Lucrative Writing Business — Sell More Of Your Writing Every Day
PDF, 85 pages
Solid, practical, actionable advice and how-tos. You’ll not only discover how to pitch everything from small gigs to large projects, you’ll also discover where, when and how to pitch. You’ll learn from my mistakes over the years, and will develop strategies that work for YOU.

Templates for your essential documents 
Documents include a Terms of Service example, plus a sample invoice. Other example documents are included in the main program. Copy them to your word processor, and customize them for your needs.

As always, coaching to ensure that you get full value from the program
I love working with writers. It’s fun for me to see the difference in a writer’s outlook, and in what he can do, after our sessions. Do take advantage of the coaching offered. It’s a full 30 minutes, valued at $150.

What if you could earn 10x what you’re earning now?

If you could earn 10x what you’re earning from your writing now, how would your life change? What if you could accomplish that change in six months?

Today, there are unlimited opportunities for writers. The demand for competent writers has never been higher. You can take advantage of those opportunities when you use the strategies in this new program.

You need to make a decision, and I’ll make it very easy for you, by making these strategies available at a giveaway price.

Here’s what’s included in your program as a bonus...

Opportunity Writing: From Ideas to Sales in 30 Minutes – this short PDF helps you to think differently when it comes to pitching. It includes examples of easy pitches you can make. Sell these ideas to your current clients, or pitch them to new clients, and increase your income instantly.

Start pitching today – a new world of freelancing will open to you.

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Questions? Please ask, and book your coaching too

We wish you all success. 

You can ask for any help you need at any time. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

Check inside the program for instructions on how to book your email coaching session.


Angela Booth

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