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Copywriting Mastery 2016

Companies need copywriting services. They pay well for them. Discover the most fun and profitable online copywriting course ever. It's helped many writers to create lucrative copywriting services business -- start your new business today.

"Your Six-Figure Copywriting Services Business Is Just Ten Weeks Away.

"Here's How To Make $2,800 Writing ONE Sentence."

  • Become a copywriting pro FAST. Receive everything you need, simple, practical, and powerful lessons ensure that you get clients fast;
  • Charge $150 an hour for sales writing that YOU can do, even as a beginning copywriter (as a pro, you can charge $300 an hour);
  • Build your business, as your experience grows… Earn as you learn.

Want to start your own copywriting services business? Read on...

Hi fellow writer

I've been writing copy for more years than I care to count, and I'm MORE enthusiastic about the business today than ever.

Here's why: unlimited opportunities. There more copywriting jobs than copywriters, so once you know your trade, you can choose with whom you'd like to work.

Could you run your own copywriting services business? 

I've often said that if you can write an email message which gets a response, you can write copy. Yes, YOU. There's a lot of mystique around copywriters, but here's the thing: you don't need to be Hemingway or Tolstoy. 

And you don't need to be arty and "creative". As advertising master David Ogilvy said:

"If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative."

What do copywriters write?

They write marketing, advertising, and sales materials: "copy". That copy can be a tiny ad, or a tweet, or it can be webpages on an e-commerce website.

Why should you consider becoming a copywriter?

In a word, money. Copywriters get paid more, because they're writing materials to persuade, and to sell

In another word: time. Most copywriting projects are short. I've charged $3,000 to write a sentence -- a tagline for a product. The sentence took me just a few hours.

Where do you get copywriting jobs?

You can get copywriting gigs from anywhere: people you know, social media networks, and the outsourcing websites. Gigs are plentiful, because companies always need to sell.

Build your copywriting services business in ten weeks...

"Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" is our online copywriting course. You download your lessons over ten weeks.

Every lesson has exercises, and those exercises build your copywriter's portfolio, and your business. 

Yes, you get clients during the training. We're available, to help you get every stage of your training.

Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business

Here's what we cover in just ten weeks...

1. Copywriting basics; setting your fees, and how to decide for whom you can write copy -- the more you write, the more you earn. 

2. More copywriting fundamentals, for print, and for the Web, plus a fun exercise to build your confidence that YOU can write copy.

3. Publicity secrets: how to develop ideas, write publicity materials (for your own business, as well as for your clients); newsletter and marketing secrets.

4. Secrets of writing radio spots (ads); how to write when you've got no idea WHAT to write; developing headlines; your copywriter's bio, and how to introduce yourself to prospective clients via mail and email. (This week you create a simple website for your new business too... it's easy.)

5. Developing concepts and PR campaigns; creating a media kit; building your portfolio; face to face pitches, and powerful presentations.

6. Running your copywriting services business... Managing your time, and building your client list; getting clients; selling your copywriting services.

7. Increase your income: specialize. How to develop a specialty which works. Developing email marketing strategies; email marketing copywriting how-to. Budgets: can a business afford to hire you? How to calculate your fees for a project.

8. Audio-visual copywriting: writing copy for performance. Setting goals. Radio advertising, and writing video scripts. Networking, and partnering with others to take on larger projects. How to write catalogue copy.

9. Advanced audio-visual copywriting. How to run your business. Multimedia insights. Public relations: advanced publicity strategies. Setting and increasing your rates over time. 

10. You're operational now. This final lesson focuses on the elements you need to run your copywriting business effectively -- it's packed with advice, strategy, and simple tips you can use right away.

Develop your copywriting services business in your spare time

Whether you have a day job, or are a full-time writer, you can develop your new business in your spare time. Ideally, you'll have three to four hours a week to devote to copywriting.

There's no time limit on your study. The program is completely open. You write at your own pace. Take as much, or as little time as you need.

What students say…

You told me what to do, and I just did it… The local paper’s interview with me ran on Wednesday, and by Friday morning I had 18 new clients.
— Marisa L. UK
I’m 65... Well, you were right – I’ve got a lifetime of experience with people and sales and I can use that. I just signed a deal with a ten per cent royalty that will earn me six figures in the next couple of months from one direct sales package. I owe it all to your belief in me. All I can say is thanks for helping an old guy realize his potential.
— Thom B. USA
Angela thank you, you opened my eyes. You told me to TRIPLE my copywriting fees and I did. I’m booked up for the next three months now. Your coaching has changed my life.
— Alana P. Germany

Who is the "Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" program for?

"Copywriting Mastery 2016: Build a Six-figure Copywriting Business" is for writers who want to become copywriters. You write at your own pace. Each week's lesson is a PDF of around 20 pages, with exercises. When you complete the exercises, please send them to the email address provided, for feedback. Feel free to ask questions, and contact us with any challenges you have.

This program has been turning writers into copywriters for years; we know it works. It's powerfully practical, and time-tested... More than one student, who's taken other copywriting courses, has commented that with this course, they finally understand how it all works. :-)

Each week, what you learn increases your knowledge. The exercises develop your skills, and build your business at the same time — you earn while you learn. Students love it, and I know you will too.

Here's what's included in your complete, 10-week package: nothing else to purchase

Your copywriting course includes ALL reference material, as well as exercises, and coaching. There's nothing else to buy.

* A lesson of around 20 pages each week, in PDF format, for ten weeks;

* A 63-page PDF guide to writing great content FAST -- content marketing is a vital part of your copywriting practice;

* A 60-page PDF Web copywriting guide;

* A complete package on getting clients. We've included this, so you can start working with clients immediately;

* Coaching, weekly. Please send us your exercises, and questions. This coaching alone is worth thousands of dollars to you.


Copywriting Mastery 2016

Complete 10-week course. 

Discover the most fun and profitable online copywriting course ever. It's helped many writers to create lucrative copywriting services business -- start your new business today.

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Yes, you start the course immediately on payment

You have two secure payment options, and you can start your course immediately.

Our online copywriting course is on-demand. Download Lesson 1 and your bonuses, and get started. You'll go through the course week by week, or at your own pace. We suggest that you estimate that each lesson will take you two to three hours to complete. Take longer, or complete the course more quickly -- it's up to you.

You'll find a new lesson added to your download folder each week, check your package for the link and password details.


You're NEVER alone -- Julia (my hardworking assistant) and I are here to help.

I'm looking forward to helping you to achieve six-figure copywriting success. 


Angela Booth

Questions? Contact me.