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Content Witchery And Magic

Attract clients, get writing jobs, AND attract readers and fans for your books… 

“What If You Could Write LESS And Earn MORE – And Finally Achieve The Writing Career You Really Want?”

  • Join the writers who are fully booked for months ahead;
  • Grow your self-publishing catalogue, and make the income you deserve;
  • Eliminate procrastination and self-doubt forever –become a confident writer.

Read on, if the following sounds like you…

You’re frantically tapping your fingertips to the bone. You know your clients are taking advantage of you, but you’re trapped on a hamster wheel of endless production. Words, and more words

Or you’re a self-publishing author, who’s dizzy from producing book after book, striving to publish more and more – while your sales are dropping…

Either way, read on, help is at hand.


Hi fellow writer and author…

We’re living in a golden age; it’s the age of superstar million-dollar bloggers, and bestselling self-publishing authors. Who knew that such successes were even possible?

On a less elevated plane, more writers than ever before are making a full-time living from their words. There’s never been a better time to be a writer. 

But perhaps success hasn’t happened for you yet. Or you’re successful, but feel that generating an income from your writing is driving you to burnout.

Burnout is real; it kills careers
Sadly, burnout is real, and painful. Many writers who burn out give up writing, because the price they’ve paid is too high.

I’ve burned out a couple of times in my long career, and I never want to go through it again. The first time, it took months to get back to writing. The second time, I swore to myself that I’d give up writing forever…

Forget working so hard. You can change your life -- start by thinking about what you want.



If you could wave a magic wand and win your heart’s desire, what would it be?

I work with writers every day, and when I ask them this question, they usually respond with something like:

  • “I want to write for four hours a day, instead of 12 hours a day. I want better clients who pay well, and are good to work with -- clients on the freelance marketplaces want cheap writers”; or
  • “I want to write without stress. Maybe publish a book every three months, instead of a book a month… and I want sell more books without spending hours on marketing each week, and spending more on ads than I make from my books.”

Can you really WRITE LESS? And earn more?

Yes, you can. 

You can lift yourself above the pack, and get great clients. You can also sell more books – even if you’re writing a lot less than you do now.

Here’s the fix for your writing problems – it isn’t a secret, it’s words, and marketing.


The fix for writers’ and authors’ problems isn’t a secret, and it isn’t Really magic, either

Firstly, let’s call the proverbial spade a shovel. If you’re making any kind of living from your words, you’re in business. If you’ve never thought of yourself as a business person, that’s fine. Many writers don’t.

Please change that today.

For a solution to your problems, you need to look at how businesses are marketing in 2018.

A recent survey revealed that 82% of B2B marketers (business to business) and 86% of B2C marketers (business to consumer) were using a content strategy to drive their businesses forward in 2018. All these businesses are using content marketing.

If you’re all at sea about B2B and B2C: simply put, if you’re writing for other businesses, you’re managing a B2B business. Most freelancers run B2B businesses.

Most authors, on the other hand, manage B2C businesses. You’re writing fiction which entertains, or nonfiction for individuals who want information about something. 

But what’s “content marketing”?


What is content marketing, and why is it a big deal?

“Content marketing” is the process of regularly creating and distributing valuable content to specific audiences. Blogging is the simplest form of content marketing. Companies have taken to content marketing – blogging and creating other social media content, as well as creating videos and podcasting -- since 2012.

Companies large and small are turning into media companies: they're heavily focused on content marketing. Choose a brand, whether local or global, and the brand has a content strategy of some kind. But why, you may be wondering... What about advertising?

Here's the thing about advertising: advertising costs too much and often doesn’t work at all. Today, everyone is tired of advertising, and resists being “sold.” Moreover, audiences are so fragmented that advertising costs too much for an effective reach.

CONTENT to the rescue...

People respond to content. It attracts attention, and ultimately drives action.

Provide content, and you’ll get great clients, and if you’re self-publishing, you’ll sell more books, even though you’re publishing fewer books. 

My own promotions have been based on content since 2002. I focused on content when other writers sniggered at "bloggers who write for free". Writing for free works, BUT you must know how. "Free" can't be your total strategy. It no longer works as it did years ago, as self-publishing authors realize when their book sales plummet.


Content sells, but it's also a challenge

I created a new program because many writers resist blogging, even though it’s relatively easy, and creating content for promotion works. 


Introducing -- Content Witchery And Magic: Write Less, And Earn More, By Attracting Clients, Readers, And Fans Every  Day


Content Witchery And Magic

Write Less, And Earn More, By Attracting Clients, Readers, And Fans Every  Day

A complete program to demystify content: write less, earn more

  • The ONE essential secret to FAST content; fast content becomes great content, IF you understand this secret;
  • A complete content creation process step by step: create money-making content for any purpose;
  • Create unlimited, unique content which sells your writing services and books;
  • Discover how to research and write: easily create blogs, books, and social media content which adds dollars to your bank account every day.

Once you start using content for promotion, you’ll discover that not only is it easy, it’s enjoyable.

What does Content Witchery program include?

This program turns you into a content marketing pro, and puts you well ahead of 80% to 90% of other writers and authors.

Here's what's included.


60-Second Content Power: Create Better Content Faster in 2018

PDF, 66 pages

I owe my own success to the content creation strategy that I share with you here. My students who've learned this strategy tell me that not only has it helped them to build an ever-increasing income, it's also meant that their confidence has been boosted. They know that they can make money; they no longer wonder what the economy is doing, because they know that they will do well whatever's happening.


Content Witchery: Easy Content Ideas (Content formats/ templates you can use every day)

PDF, 16 pages

On some days, you run out of content ideas. On those days, turn to one or two of these easy content templates.


Videos -- Content Witchery: Master Content Marketing In 15 Minutes A Day

Videos, with transcripts.


1. Introduction: master content marketing in 15 minutes a day.
2. Blogs: which platform is right for you?
3. Easy SEO/ meta data for blog posts and other content.
4. Writing blog posts and promoting them the simple way.

The videos are short, and practical, and will get you up to speed fast. You'll become a content maven in 15 minutes a day. 


There’s more. Coaching is included, of course, to ensure your success in 2018

As always, you receive coaching with your Content Witchery course – half an hour of coaching, a $200 value, to ensure your success.


What is Content Witchery worth to you? Here’s what students say

An early Content Witchery student, Margaret, said of the program: “I can confidently say that Content Witchery will save me thousands of dollars in LinkedIn and Facebook advertising in 2018. Creating content has made all my advertising much more effective. As you said, I’m writing less, and earning more – and it’s easy.”

Another beta student, Peter, has hired four other writers to help him with his blogging and content business. He said: “I expect to triple my client list within the next six months, based solely on the content I’ll publish to grow my mailing lists. Previously, I had to turn clients away. The Content Witchery program has already helped me to bring my new hires up to speed quickly.”

You may not want to build a large writing business, but chances are good that you do need help. Here’s what student Anne said: “Just in the past month, my income from my books has doubled, due to the social media content I created. I’ve cut back on my advertising, and with the money saved, I’ve hired a virtual assistant for ten hours a week.”

If you’re not using content to grow your business in 2018, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Content Witchery And Magic
197.00 297.00

Download the complete program on payment, and get started NOW.

You'll write less, and you'll earn more every day: it’s easy. Once you start using content for promotion, you’ll discover that it’s fun and enjoyable too.

Content Witchery includes everything you need.

Learn more here.


Questions? please ask, and remember to book your coaching

We wish you all success. 

You can ask for any help you need, at any time. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you quickly. 

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


Angela Booth

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