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Got questions about your writing?

Whether you're a new writer, or are an experienced pro, I offer consultations to help you to success with your writing. 

You can also check our guides and classes; many include coaching.

How your consultation works: it's easy, fast and guaranteed

If you've been directed to this page via email correspondence with me or my assistant, please click the purchase button below. (You can use your credit card or PayPal.) I'll be in touch shortly.

If you've purchased an ebook with coaching, and want to extend your coaching with a consultation, please click the purchase button, and Julia or I will contact you shortly.

If you're not sure whether a consultation will help you, please contact me first, and tell me a little about yourself and what you want to achieve. Julia or I will be in touch. 

Once you've booked your consultation we'll work together. Although the consultation time is nominally one hour, you don't need to take the hour all at once. Usually I'll offer some suggestions for you to follow. Afterwards (within a week or two) we'll assess how you're doing.

Consultations are guaranteed - if I say I can help you, I mean exactly that. If I feel that I can't help you at this time, I will tell you. 

Here’s what one writer, Dawn Williams, said about working with me

Exciting growth has occurred in my career in the last year, and I’m sure much of it is the result of the training I received through you. In July, my job as managing editor/marketing director of Senior News 50 and Better became full-time. In September, my work received five national journalism awards from North American Mature Publishers Association. In November, I was named Associate Publisher of SN50. My humor column, Interlude, is now syndicated, and my wellness articles for adults over 50 have been published by numerous magazines and newspapers. I can’t thank you enough for the training I received from you over the years. I’ve developed my writing, become an adept marketer, and built the career of my dreams. Your courses gave me the tools to reach my goals and the confidence to believe it was possible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
— Dawn Williams

Jesse, at Cajun Copy said...

I’m thinking through my writing process in a whole new way. Being visually impaired, I find mind maps tough to deal with. But the concept of asking questions, in the way you described it, is brilliant in its simplicity and power to cut through many writing obstacles. I no longer face writer’s block, and I know that in literally 60 seconds I can move from paralyzed fear of the blank page to the playful, fun experience that I’ve always dreamed about. This process has turned my burnout into excitement and my procrastination into productivity. Thank you!
— Jesse, Cajun Copy

This writer’s income went up, and up...

My income has skyrocketed since I began working with Angela. I was already a full-time freelancer with many published clips, but I lacked direction and the confidence to go after high-paying assignments. Through her one-on-one coaching, I’ve built a professional identity that has resulted in nonstop, high-end work. I’m now in a position to pick and choose with whom I work, on what type of assignments, and on a pay scale that gives me freedom, security, and a great deal of pride. These days I am often told I charge too much — and I laugh when I hear it, because I’m so slammed with work. Angela has helped me position myself as the top of the line in my local community, so I never worry about losing a client who doesn’t want to pay me what I’m worth.
— E.C.A

Consultations are conducted via phone/ email/ Skype. The Consultation Fee is for one hour of working with you. Most students find that an hour is ample. Most writers prefer to split the consult into two 30-minute sessions; it’s completely up to you, and depends on what you need. 

After the consult: your summary, and Action Plan

After your consultation, I’ll send you a summary of our chat, as well as an Action Plan, for your next steps. 

I look forward to writing with you - you've just taken a giant step forward in your writing career. 

Questions? Please ask. Julia (my wonderful assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (sometimes minutes) on a business day.