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Merry Christmas Bundle

Everything you need to transform your writing

Here’s your chance to transform your writing. We’ve had many requests to bring back several much-loved programs we withdrew, so here you are.

Take the opportunity to transform your writing in 2019 with our Merry Christmas Bundle.

It’s that time of the year again, where we compile a special bundle of programs as an amazing offer for loyal readers.

Our aim is to provide you with ideas, inspiration and strategies that you can use going forward. Take the opportunity to transform your writing in 2019 with our Merry Christmas Bundle. 

3 complete programs, for fiction and nonfiction — and coaching too

This year, we have three complete programs for you, in a transformation bundle — a $900 value. Not only do you receive these programs at a giveaway price, the bundle comes with 30 minutes of coaching, which is a $200 value on its own.

Please be aware that these programs are no longer publicly available; they’re solely available in our Christmas Bundle.

Let’s see what’s included.

1. Serial Fiction Bonanza: Get Readers, Get Fans — Make A Solid Income From Your Fiction FAST

If you’ve been thinking about writing serials, start here. You’ll learn everything you need to know about increasing your self-publishing income with episodic fiction.

If you enjoy hitting the PUBLISH button as much as I do, serials are for you. Not only are serial episodes fun and fast to write, readers love them, so you’re increasing your fan base for all your fiction.

This program is presented as four lessons. At the end of each lesson, you have tasks to complete.

2. Ebook Dominance: Market and SELL Your Ebooks In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Marketing is essential, otherwise your books will never get the attention and sales they deserve.

If you’re unsure of your marketing strategies, or “don’t have time” to market, you’ll love this program. It will take you from reluctant marketer, to complete confidence in your marketing skills.

This program is presented in the form of four lessons too — complete the lessons, step by step.

3. ”How Much Do I Charge?" - The Secret Strategies Of Writing For Money... How To Set Fees For Your Writing, And Get Paid

This program is in the form of a 68-page PDF, which provides the advice and strategies you need to be paid what you’re worth.

Additionally, you receive a checklist for setting fees, as well as a Terms of Service agreement.

This is for you if you have questions about pricing, and marketing.

Get the Christmas Bundle now, it’s available until December 27

The full Christmas Bundle, with coaching, vanishes forever on December 27. (Instructions for your coaching are included in the Download info.)

We wish you the joys and blessings of the season, wherever you are in the world.

Merry Christmas Bundle

Take the opportunity to transform your writing in 2019 with our Merry Christmas Bundle.

Learn more here.

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