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Bundling Profits: Increase Your Ebook Income Effortlessly, Starting Today

Are you making as much income from your ebooks as you could be? Discover the secrets of bundling: make more sales by reaching a new audience.

The report includes strategies for first-time authors as well as experienced publishers.

Want to increase your self-publishing income?

Of course you do. You want to make as much income as you can, whether you're a newbie, or a veteran.

If you're a newbie, you're looking to maximize your income with a few books, until you publish more.

On the other hand, if you're a veteran, you're publishing more, but much of your income vanishes into that black hole known as "advertising".

 Newbie or veteran: you can increase your income painlessly when you publish BUNDLES (collections of your ebooks)

We had a bundling craze a few years ago. Of course, the craze died, because few authors understood the true value of bundling.

After the craze died, savvy authors kept bundling, because they realized the benefits and enjoyed the profits.

Bundling your books into collections, and selling them as separate products, means that:

* You'll make extra income, without writing more;

* You'll gain visibility as an author. Bundling lets you target NEW audiences;

* You'll sell more copies of all your books.


First, what's covered by the term: "bundling"?

Authors have various terms for bundling and selling their collections, including such terms as "collection", "box set" etc.

It's worth collecting the keywords used by authors when you find them on Amazon so that you can use them in advertising.

Bundling terms used by authors in their book titles include:

* (The book's title) Bundle;

* (The book's title) Collection/ Collected;

* (The book's title) Omnibus;

* (The book's title) Box Set;

* (The book's title) Anthology…


Sell your books twice, when you bundle them up

Each of your books is an asset, just as your house and car are assets.

Sadly, few authors treat their books as publishing assets. This means that they make a smaller income than they could. They leave money on the table. That's unfortunate because it can mean the difference between a viable self-publishing business, and a failing business.

Want to increase your ebook income, almost effortlessly? You can, when you do more with what you have, and bundle books you've already written.

(If you're a brand new author, who has yet to publish anything, you can incorporate bundling strategies immediately — while you're writing your books — you'll kickstart your profits.)

Why bundle your books?

You've seen authors bundling their books. Perhaps you've done it yourself.

Authors sell bundles, with terms like "collection", "box set", "anthology". "series", and other terms for many reasons.

They bundle to:

* Make profits from previously-published books which are no longer selling;

* Boost sagging profits if they haven’t released new books for a while;

* Win readers for their other books — authors create "freebie" bundles of the first few books in a series, to inspire readers to read the entire series…

While there are many ways to profit from bundling, most authors are unaware of more than a couple of them. The bottom line: authors who avoid bundling make less income.


Introducing our new report, "Bundling Profits: Increase Your Ebook Income Effortlessly, Starting Today"

Discover the secrets of bundling: collections, box sets, anthologies, and more…

You're about to discover the secrets of bundling.

First a digression. This shouldn't need saying, but… A word about Amazon's Terms of Service. Our new program strictly follows Amazon's TOS. There are zero black-hat strategies here. Every strategy you'll discover in our new program is strictly legitimate — you're not tricking anyone with any of our bundling strategies. Your bundles benefit readers, which means that you're fine with Amazon's TOS. End digression. :-)

A brand-new report, to help you to master bundling

Bundling your ebooks together, and selling them as a single ebook, is an easy way to sell more, without writing more.

Few authors take advantage of bundling regularly. This means that not only are we leaving money on the table, we're not growing our platform as much as we could.

Even fewer authors use the strategies of the master bundlers: discover an author who’s made five figures monthly, for the past two years, from just one bundle.

I hope this report inspires you to write, sell, bundle — and grow your self-publishing business.


Your package includes...

new report, “Bundling Profits: Increase Your Ebook Income Effortlessly, Starting Today,” PDF, 64 pages

Research-based, this powerful report gives you strategies used by top-selling authors who make bundling part of their business.

You'll discover an author who makes five figures monthly on one bundle alone.

Much of what we learned was counter-intuitive. (If you're selling bundles at $0.99, you'll see why $9.99 might make more sense.)

Whether you're a new author writing his first book, or are an experienced self-publisher, you can put this information to work immediately. (Yes, bundling works for NEW authors. You can start bundling BEFORE you complete your book — the report contains the strategy to do this.)

BONUS Report, “Write Fast, Write Well: Increase Your Writing Skills And Profits”, PDF, 50 pages

This report is the perfect companion to Bundling Profits because today's writing marketplace is global. This presents huge opportunities, as well as threats to a writer's business. You need to do things differently. More to the point, you need to think differently. It's time to break the chains on your writing and free yourself to write originally and well.

If you wish you could write more, more easily, this bonus report gives you the tools to do that.


Download now…

Bundling Profits: Increase Your Ebook Income Effortlessly

Discover the secrets of bundling. Use these strategies to increase ebook sales and reach new audiences.

NEW: Bundling Profits, PDF, 64 pages

BONUS: Write Fast, Write Well, PDF, 50 pages

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As always, 30 minutes of coaching is included with this report. That's a $200 value.

We wish you all success. You can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend. You're NEVER alone; Julia and I are here to help.

Enjoy: start benefiting from Bundling Profits today.


Angela Booth

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