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Book Publicity

Your book's press releases, and media kit

Press releases can pack a punch. Although few indie authors use them, savvy authors always do.

Here's why…

Press coverage is free.

Savvy authors know that while there's paid advertising, and publicity, publicity is beyond price. What if your book were featured in a mass market magazine, or on a major website, for FREE?

You couldn’t pay for that, but a press release might just win that for you.

Ready for some free publicity? Get famous

You've heard the old joke…

Q: "What's the most profitable form of writing?"

A: "A ransom note…"

Press releases may not be as profitable as ransom notes, but they're close. 


The press release challenge: writing them as just the facts…

When you're writing a press release, there's a challenge.

A press release (also known as a news release) is NOT an advertisement.

Back in the day, when all press releases were written for media organizations, rather than for online distribution, the whiff of commerce on a press release was instant death.

An editor's reaction to a suspicious press release was: "that's an ad. You pay for advertising in this publication. Give me something that's newsworthy."

Even today, when online press releases are written directly to consumers, that rule still applies — press releases must be newsworthy in some fashion.

A press release is written in the third person, and features a hook — something which might lead a news organization, website, or blogger, to use the release to write a news story, magazine feature, or a blog post.


What you receive when you order a press release

Firstly, we'll chat via phone, or Skype. I (Angela) will call you so that you can tell me about your book. There's no time limit on our chat. Usually we'll spend around 20 to 30 minutes.

Then for your book (novel, or nonfiction) you receive...

* A standard media release, of 250 to 300 words.

Format: MS Word.

* A press release for online distribution, with ten keywords.

Formats: MS Word, PDF, HTML.

* A mini press release for blogger outreach.

Formats: text, HTML.

* A single page press/ media kit, comprising your short bio (created from our phone chat), as well as a tagline.

We provide your press kit in MS Word format, so you can use this content anywhere you choose: on your website, in advertising and social media content, in press releases...

* Distribution of your press release: to be decided during our Skype chat. You can use your press release for your local media, as well as on your website, and social media accounts.

We can handle posting your online press release to distribution sites, if you wish. You pay the PR site’s hosting/ distribution fee, as well as for any graphics, PDFs, or book trailers which we create for you, and post with your release. Please ask for a quote, during our initial chat.


How you receive your press release and other marketing materials

I'll set up a personal folder for you on Box (online storage), then you'll receive an emailed link to the folder. Only you and I have access to this folder: it's completely secure.

Timeline: when will you receive your press release?

You can download all your materials within five days of our chat.

Ready to order your press release?

Let's get started.

On payment, we'll send you an informational PDF via email, which also contains some brief questions, then we'll have our chat via phone or Skype.

(We're in Australia, so please allow us a few hours to respond, if you're on the other side of the world...)

Book Publicity: Press Release Kit

Press releases, and a media publicity kit, done for you.

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Questions? Not sure about something?

Contact us, and we'll set set up a free, zero obligation, Skype call with Angela to discuss your book and press release.