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Book Editing

Book editing: comprehensive, or minor, from Angela

Your book is written. Now it's time to shape and polish the diamond that is your book.

We edit both fiction and nonfiction.

Book editing services to make your book shine

We edit both fiction and nonfiction: use the form below to request a free quote on your project.

We offer three forms of book editing: developmental, copyediting, and line editing. Authors and editors use differing terms for the various processes in editing, and the multiplicity of terms can be a little confusing.


The terms we use…

* Developmental editing: moulding your book. In fiction, we’ll look at your genre, your book’s structure, plot, and characters, to ensure that you’ve included all the elements of a successful page-turner which your readers will love. Developmental editing can take place when your first draft is complete, or even if your draft is incomplete.

In nonfiction, we'll look at your aims for the book, the audience you've chosen, as well as your competition.

(Targeting is vital for a successful nonfiction book.)

Then we'll perform a developmental edit of your book, with your targeting in mind.

We can do a developmental edit whether or not your book is finished.

* Copyediting: editing for flow. (Fiction.) We’ll ensure that your timeline works, and that your characters are consistent, as well as looking at your voice, grammar, and word choice. This edit includes one or more pages of editorial notes: these are ideas which you can use, or not, your choice.

(Nonfiction.) We'll ensure that your book flows, and that it achieves the promise you've made readers. We'll also look at your voice, grammar, and word choice. As with the fiction copyedit, this edit includes one or more pages of editorial notes: these are ideas which you can use, or not, your choice.

* Line editing: this is editing your novel or nonfiction book sentence by sentence for clarity, while maintaining your voice.

Re clarity… a little rant. Clarity equals grammar, and much more. Although I (Angela) tend to be something of a grammar nerd, I do not inflict my obsessions on other authors.

An author's intent, clarity and voice trump grammar every time. As your editor, I'm guided by what you want. End rant. :-)

Look on a line edit as a final edit. After you review the line edit, we’ll do a proofread, and your book is done.


How to obtain a quote on your book

Your first step in the editing process is deciding on what form of editing you need, and then get a quote on your book. By the way — we strictly maintain privacy and confidentiality. Your quote, and everything we do for you is 100% confidential and completely private. Your copyright remains with you at all times.

In order to construct a realistic quote for you, we need to see some pages of your manuscript.

Please complete the form below. We'll be in touch to request some pages of your book, and any other information we need to create a quote for you.

Alternatively, if you’d like to chat, we can consult on your edit before we quote on your project.


Not Sure? Book a consultation first — the fee goes towards your editing package

Unsure of what you need? How long the editing process takes? What an editor does…?

If you wish, you can book a consultation first, before we quote on your book’s edit.

We'll put 50% of the consult fee towards your fee for editing.

Book a consultation here.

We look forward to writing with you to make your book shine. :-)

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