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Book Coaching

Make writing, publishing, and marketing your book much easier, when you have a coach. Your book coach guides you through the hundreds of decisions you need to make, and gives you strategies which work for you.

Get Angela’s guidance to help you to publish and sell your book successfully.

Angela can help, when you’re:

  • Ready to write your book. Break the inertia barrier, and get started;

  • Ready to tackle the revision and editing process of your first draft;

  • Ready to publish your book, either traditionally, or indie.

Make 2019 the year YOU write and sell your book.

Why write a book? Everyone has reasons. What’s yours?

You may want to write a book because:

  • You need to promote yourself, and your business (freelance writer? Blogger?);

  • You want to build a business from scratch. Yes, you can turn one book into an entire business;

  • You’re tired of struggling with your writing. Your aim is to write a money-maker, a book which SELLS;

  • You want to fulfill a dream;

  • You want to create a profitable side-hustle;

  • … what’s YOUR reason?

My story: then, and now… (and why I can help you to write and publish your book)

Way, way back in the mists of time, some 40 years ago… I decided that I’d stop procrastinating about writing.

I finally made the decision to write a novel, and get it published. If I didn’t succeed, I’d give up all my dreams of writing for a living, forever.

This was many years before the web, and self-publishing. Back then, “getting published” meant getting a publisher. I decided that I’d give myself ten years to get a novel published.

Well, it took a lot less than ten years: within six months, I had a multi-book contract from Macdonald Futura, a big UK publisher at the time. (Macdonald Futura later sold to Little, Brown in 1992.)

Here’s what I learned from the decision I made: once you decide on something, and commit to it, things happen.

A famous quote attributed to the poet Goethe puts it pithily:

Only engage, and then the mind grows heated—

Begin it, and the work will be completed!

Writing books is a profitable skill, and you can develop that skill

Over the years, I’ve written many books, both for myself, and as a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is challenging, but it’s profitable. People need to have their name on a book for many reasons, but writing books takes time. So, once you’ve developed the skill, and can write books on demand, you can name your own price as a ghostwriter.

Writing and publishing a book is scary: we can help

Book coaching may well be the best investment you ever make in yourself and your future.

Yes, writing a book is scary, but I’m happy to coach you through the process, just as I’ve coached many other authors.

In response to students’ requests, we’re now offering monthly book coaching packages.

Your wish; my command. :-)

Monthly book coaching packages: what you need, when you need it

Each package offers the help you need, when you need it.

Currently, we offer three packages, plus a tailored-to-you option.

Three book coaching packages: from beginning author to pro

  • A. “Help me to get started writing a novel (or a nonfiction book)”: includes choosing a genre/ category; writing a blurb; creating an outline, or for pantsers, discovering your characters/ topics.

  • B. “I need help to edit my book…”: your draft is done. You need help to get it into shape, with macro and micro self-editing, so that it’s ready for an editor.

  • C. “Help me to publish my book”: (1) you have a book idea, or you’ve written a book, and need help writing a book query letter and proposal to submit to literary agents/ publishers. (2) Or, you want to self-publish your completed novel, or completed nonfiction book — get guidance in publishing and marketing.

Choose one from the most popular options: Packages A, B, and C.

Want to build your own custom book coaching package?

You can. If none of the packages — A, B, or C, describes your situation and what you need, contact us and tell us what you’d like to accomplish.

We’ll develop a custom package for just for you, and yes, it will be available at the usual package fee.


What do you receive with your package?

Start by choosing the package you need — A, B, C, or (contact us) a customized package.

Once you’ve completed a brief coaching questionnaire, which you download on payment, we’ll begin.

Your coaching takes place over a month.

During your month-long coaching, you receive:

* A personalized strategy, mapped out for you and your needs for the month, to ensure that you meet the goal you’ve set in the questionnaire;

* Weekly guidance, to ensure that you make progress. Your weekly guidance is via phone, or via email, whichever is most convenient for you;

* A “next steps” strategy when you’ve completed your month;

* You can contact us with questions/ assistance at any time during your month. Either Julia or I will respond within hours — you’re never alone.

Get started today

On payment, you’ll receive your brief coaching questionnaire. You can choose A, B, C, or (contact us) a customized package at that stage. All packages are the same price, and coaching takes place over a month.

Questions before you buy a package? Please ask.

Book Coaching: Fiction And Nonfiction

Make 2019 the year YOU write and sell your book, with Angela to guide you through the process.

Learn more about book coaching here.

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Contact me, Angela Booth. Either I or Julia, my hard-working assistant will get back to you as quickly as we can.

We’re looking forward to writing with you…


Angela Booth