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Blogging Maestro: Blog Mentoring For New And Established Bloggers

Blog mentoring with Angela Booth helps you to get the blog you want, whether you’re a new blogger starting your first blog, or are an established blogger.

Finally, after many requests, blog mentoring is available.

Blog mentoring: get the blog you want

We offer blog mentoring for two kinds of bloggers:

  • Beginning bloggers, who need help with choosing an audience and monetization options;

  • Experienced bloggers, who’ve had some success, but want to develop their blog further.


My own blogging experiences over two decades

I’ve been blogging for almost two decades. Blogging has helped me to grow an excellent business, without struggle, doing something (writing) that I enjoy immensely.

Over the years, I’ve developed, grown, and sold, hundreds of blogs. Once a blog is producing income, selling it is easy, if you choose to do that, because a blog is the easiest way to make a good income, from home, without a big capital investment.

I continue to be as enthusiastic about blogging as I was went the potential of blogging first dawned on me.


Your mentoring process: a huge step towards success

When you purchase mentoring you’ll receive a brief questionnaire, so that I know where you are in your blogging journey, and your goals.

New to blogging? We’ll:

  • Assess your goals;

  • Research your blog’s niche and audience, as well as your monetization options;

  • Set up your blog, and develop an editorial and marketing strategy for you.

Already blogging?

We’ll assess where you are, and will develop goals for you to get where you want to go.

We’ll research, and will map out a program, with editorial and marketing strategies which you’ll accomplish easily and will enjoy.

Blogging Maestro Blog Mentoring is a six-week program. The program is great value at $847, because it not only saves you time, it also saves you from wasting money.

Your mentoring is via phone, with sessions once or twice a week. Alternatively, if it’s more convenient, we can use chat, or email — our communications are up to you.



Contact me, Angela Booth. Either I or Julia, my hard-working assistant will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Enjoy... :-)