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7 Days to Copywriting Success: From Newbie to Pro

Copywriting is a skill YOU can learn. "7 Days to Copywriting Success" has been helping writers to create successful copywriting businesses for many years. Here's why: it teaches you what you need to know simply, and FAST. It gives you the confidence, and the skill, to write copy for your new business, and for clients' businesses.

This program is no longer avialalbe

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Does the idea of making $300 an hour for your writing intrigue you? Copywriters make great money, because they write to sell…

"Help Businesses To Make Money, And You'll Make Money. 

"If You Can Write An Email Message, You Can Write Copy."

* Discover the easiest, most fun, and most effective copywriting course ever. Start getting clients (and getting paid FAST);

* Forget theory. Discover what works for professional copywriters – and start writing copy yourself from today. Earn while you learn;

* Write copy for many different areas: Web, print, audio-visual media, and win great clients who pay you well. 

Copywriting is one of the most lucrative forms of writing. If you're interested in developing a copywriting business, read on.


Hi Fellow Writer...
I started my copywriting career many years ago, completely by accident. I was running a business, and expensive display advertising in Sunday newspapers was sending us broke. In self-defense, I wrote a press release… Within days, not only did we get media attention, bookings rolling in.

Copywriting gets results, and our success got attention. Business owners asked me to write marketing materials and advertising for them, and before I knew anything about what copywriters did, I was one myself.

Over the years, I've polished my skills with courses in copywriting, marketing and PR. In copywriting, the more you know, the more you earn. And, word by word, copywriters make more income than other writers.

Are you making money from your writing?

I work with writers every day. Most want to make more money, but aren't sure how. They're tapping their fingers to the bone. They're working much hard than they need to work.

Whatever you're making now, you could be making more. Copywriters earn from $250 to $300 an hour upwards. As with any specialized occupation, copywriting takes time and energy to learn.

No one starts out knowing how to write copy. However, as I'm fond of saying, if you can write an email message which gets a response, you can make money as a copywriter.

So, if you're making a tiny sum like $20 an hour, consider that you could be making much more than that – if you're prepared to learn how copywriting works.

Learning copywriting helps ALL your writing

Did you know that F. Scott Fitzgerald and Salman Rushdie started out as copywriters? Copywriting skill helps all your writing. So, whether your primary focus in learning copywriting is money, or you simply want to increase your writing skill, learning copywriting is a great investment.

Copywriting has always been the mainstay of my writing business. Copywriting projects are short. They're the perfect complement to my long form writing. I enjoy writing books, and I like achievement, so while I'm ghostwriting, I like having a copywriting project or ten to work on as well.

You'll always make money as a copywriter

Businesses need to sell. If you can help them to do that, you can make money, no matter what's happening with the economy.

Here's how you can do that.

7 Days to Copywriting Success: From Newbie to Pro — Build Your Lucrative Copywriting Business Today

 You can write copy anywhere, and word by word, you'll make more money than most writers -- and most professionals, in any field.

You can write copy anywhere, and word by word, you'll make more money than most writers -- and most professionals, in any field.


* 7 Days to Copywriting Success ensures that you build a copywriting business FAST. You may not get it done in seven days, but that's OK. You can earn as you learn;

* Build your business as you learn the art of writing copy: as you learn, you'll develop marketing materials for your business. You'll get clients quickly, before you finish the course;

* New writer? Start making money. Established pro? Diversify. Copywriting helps you to make money while you're writing a book. Bring in cash to support your long form projects; 

* Want to quit your day job? Moonlight as a copywriter, until you're ready to do that;

* Everything's included: You receive templates for direct mail letters, briefing sheets and more – customize them, and send them out with confidence;

* Step by step guidance, even after you complete the course. You're never alone. We love hearing from students.

What students say…

Here's a brief selection of testimonials.

"Thanks so much for everything. I had to leave my job because my son is very ill. I'm a single mom, so it means the world to me that I can stay home, and make much more money than I've ever made." Rhonda W. Sydney, Australia.
"I didn't even know what a copywriter was. Now I have fifteen clients, and I'm earning more every month. Last week I got a new direct mail client. He's paying $8500 for the package." Teresa, London, UK.
"Thanks Angela. I got my client (my first!) when I was working on Day Two. I still can't believe it. I can see myself quitting my job within the next month, and going full-time. You're right, the demand for copywriters is enormous." Max, Los Angeles, USA.

What you receive with this program...

7 Days to Copywriting Success: From Newbie to Pro — Build Your Lucrative Copywriting Business Today

(Completely updated for 2015.)

PDF, 129 pages

The most fun, powerful and practical copywriting course ever. It's structured in the form of seven days of activities. Each day has objectives, and tasks. You work through the tasks, and through the steps. You receive all the templates you need. Your exercises create your copywriter's portfolio, so that you have something to show to prospective clients.

Why this focus on PRACTICE? Because it works. It worked for me, and it's worked for students. One student said: "I've taken other copywriting courses, but 7 Days is the only one I enjoyed. It's given me the skill to write copy, and get clients."

Web Copywriting Profits: DIY Copywriting

PDF, 60 pages
I originally wrote DIY copywriting for clients who wanted to do some areas of Web copywriting themselves. Things like: mini sales pages, case studies, banner ads, and email marketing. Of course, they needed basic SEO information as well, so that's included too.

It's an ideal complement to 7 Days to Copywriting Success, because not only will you do these forms of Web copywriting for clients, you'll do them for yourself as well.

Freelance Writing Pro Secret: Get More and Better Clients Today

PDF, 33 pages
This program reveals the "show and tell" strategy I've used for many years. I've also taught it to my students. It's powerful. It works particularly well for shy writers, who are hesitant to get on the phone and cold-call prospective clients.

It works much better than cold-calling, because you're showing your prospective clients the benefits of working with you. You're approaching them on a level that they understand. You're showing them what's in it for them.

You'll be the first writer who's ever approached them using this strategy. It works just as well for clients who are in your city, as it does for clients who are on the other side of the world.

I've included it because I love this strategy; it's the key to getting as many clients as you need, whenever you want.

Special Offering: 7 Days to Copywriting Success is closing

Our most popular copywriting program is closing. We're releasing more programs this year, and our focus is shifting to coaching writers.
This program has launched many copywriting businesses; take advantage of the offering.
Until August 28, you receive the complete $297 program, including coaching, for just $57.

Enjoy. :-)

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We wish you all success. This package comes with a free coaching session of 30 minutes, which is a $150 value.

Please book your free coaching once you've worked through the material. You can take your session at any time, within the next 12 months. Coaching is via email.

Of course, in addition to coaching, you can ask for any help you need. Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.


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